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Shattering My Shell

Learning to pray and to love was the beginning of his sobriety

Twenty-one years ago, someone prayed to God asking him to help me. I felt the prayer during that day and it brought me to an evening AA meeting at a local jail. While there, I reached out and the hand of AA was there. The seed of my sobriety was planted and I found a solution to how to break the... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Back on Track

She admitted to her sponsor that she had been secretly drinking

I had been in AA for five months, working with a sponsor, going to meetings, doing Step work and even service work at a treatment center. But yet, I could not put down the drink. I could put days and weeks together at a time but I didn't know how to live without the solution I had found in the... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

With Complete Abandon

After many relapses and false starts she heard something in a meeting that changed everything

I've been introducing myself as, "I'm Mary and I'm an alcoholic" for 27 years, yet I have just begun my fifth year of continuous sobriety. My journey has been amazing, and my life is more joyful and hopeful than ever before. This is my story. Sometime in my early twenties, I recognized that I did... Read more

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“We are sure there must be a million alcoholics who would join Alcoholics Anonymous tomorrow if only they knew what we do. We keenly realize that any fundamental disunity among us could instantly disillusion tens of thousands who would again turn their faces to the wall. Hence those disruptions common to great wealth, power, or controversy ought never be for us. Too many of the ‘million who don’t yet know’ would surely die.”

AA Co-Founder, Bill W., October 1949
“We Approach Maturity”
The Language of the Heart


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