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A Faith That Works

An oldtimer with over 60 years of sobriety shares his experience

In my 61st year of sobriety, I still find it difficult to explain the spiritual side of AA. Part of this problem is that I know where others might be coming from—that they have honest doubts either about the existence of God or God's willingness to be constructively involved in our lives. They may... Read more


The November Issue of Grapevine Is Here

This month's special section features stories from LGBT AA members

Each November, our special section features selections from our Grapevine Story Archive. This extensive archive—found on our website,—contains every story printed in Grapevine since 1944, including many of Bill W.'s essays. This month we feature stories of experience, strength and... Read more

Sample Story

A New Kind of Love

In sobriety, she learned how to love herself and others

I'm sitting at the base of Greylock Mountain, in Atlanta, Idaho. It's very quiet and I have the gift of this opportunity to contemplate. Soon, I will have my three-year sobriety birthday. It doesn't sound like long, but it's not been easy for me. I am one who has had to work at it. It took lots of... Read more


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"Well-remembered is the comfort I used to take from an exaggerated belief in my own honesty ... I was so absurdly proud of my business standards that I never failed to whip up a fine contempt for those of my fellow Wall-Streeters who were prone to short-change their customers. This was arrogant enough, but the ensuing self-deception proved even worse. My prized business honesty was presently converted into a comfortable cloak under which I could hide the many serious flaws that beset other departments of my life. Being certain of this one virtue, it was easy to conclude that I had them all. For years on end, this prevented me from taking a good look at myself."

    AA Co-Founder, Bill W., August 1961
    "This Matter of Honesty,"
    The Language of the Heart


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