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To the Fog and the Redwoods

At the end of his drinking, he went home, thinking it was to die

"There has got to be another way to live," I thought aloud as I stared at my haggard reflection in the mirror on the morning of November 16, 2010. I was coming off another bender to which I could recall very few specifics. It started with one beer with dinner on my birthday and it ended four weeks... Read more


The June Issue of Grapevine Is Here

This month's magazine is our annual prison issue

It can't be easy to get sober and stay sober in prison, especially when many institutions don't even have meetings. We get letters from inmates all the time who express their gratitude that Grapevine is sometimes their only lifeline to sobriety. This month's special section features stories of hope... Read more

Sample Story

A New Kind of Love

In sobriety, she learned how to love herself and others

I'm sitting at the base of Greylock Mountain, in Atlanta, Idaho. It's very quiet and I have the gift of this opportunity to contemplate. Soon, I will have my three-year sobriety birthday. It doesn't sound like long, but it's not been easy for me. I am one who has had to work at it. It took lots of... Read more




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May 27

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“Perhaps I can help light a candle of hope for someone else.”

Cleveland, Ohio, April 1991
“A Candle of Hope,”
AA Grapevine


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