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My Hampshire Grenadier

Reading his college alumni magazine, he came across a notice that would change the course of his life

The alumni magazine arrived in a thicket of bills. I relocked the mailbox, leaving the bills to ripen, and trudged upstairs with the magazine. I poured myself a coffee-mug sized bourbon and settled back to read "Class Notes." The self-reporting by my college cohorts was always the same: thriving... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Home Group at Rio Rancho

For years, he jumped from meeting to meeting until he learned the value of a place called home

Becoming a member of Alcoholics Anonymous is the best decision I ever made. Next, I got a sponsor who took me though the Steps. It took me much longer to make another important decision and that was to become a member of a home group. In the past, I would declare a group my home group, attend... Read more


The August Issue of Grapevine Is Here!

This month's special section features stories from Hispanic members of AA

The Spanish-speaking population is one of the fastest-growing segments within the United States. As La Viña’s circulation rises, it illustrates the need to reach all of our members with the life-saving message of AA. This month’s special section highlights stories of experience, strength and hope... Read more


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