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I Remember You

Although he got the chance to get sober, his old drinking buddy Rick never did

I started drinking at 16, but it would be a few years before it would become a serious issue in my life. There were signs early in my life that drinking would one day become a serious issue. I showed up for my first job out of high school with a hangover bad enough that I had to leave work an hour... Read more


The May Issue of Grapevine Is Here!

This month's featured stories focus on members with special needs

In AA, we have no special members, but there are those who do have special needs. Lack of hearing or sight, illness, head injuries, lack of wheelchair access can all challenge a member’s ability to receive the AA message. In this month’s feature section, we include powerful stories of acceptance,... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Shattering My Shell

Learning to pray and to love was the beginning of his sobriety

Twenty-one years ago, someone prayed to God asking him to help me. I felt the prayer during that day and it brought me to an evening AA meeting at a local jail. While there, I reached out and the hand of AA was there. The seed of my sobriety was planted and I found a solution to how to break the... Read more

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“I look upon a pain in my feelings as temporary indigestion of the mind. When I get a stomach-ache, it is generally because I’ve eaten something that hasn’t agreed with me. Likewise, my mental indigestion comes from some story, bit of gossip or circumstance that I’ve swallowed without thinking.”

Elmhurst, New York, March 1950
“Got a Pain in Your Feelings?,”
Emotional Sobriety II: The Next Frontier


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