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This month’s special section is “Old-Timer’s!” featuring wonderful stories by members with many years of sobriety.

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One Big Tent

Atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers and secular alcoholics have been members of the AA Fellowship since its earliest days, making significant contributions to the development of the program, helping to swing the doors of AA ever-wider. But finding their path has not always been easy. One Big Tent is a collection of stories, originally published in Grapevine, which represent the shared experience of secular AA members who have struggled with alcoholism, yet ultimately found a common solution in AA. These members share how they found their place in AA, work the program, do service and sponsor others.

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January 17

“When things go well, we must never fall into the error of believing that no great ill can befall us. Nor should we accuse ourselves of ‘negative thinking’ when we insist on facing the destructive forces in and around us, both realistically and effectively. Vigilance will always be the price of survival.”

AA Co-Founder, Bill W., November 1960, “Freedom Under God: The Choice Is Ours”, The Language of the Heart


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