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A Solitary Swimmer

After a childhood of solitary pursuits, she became a secret drinker

I always felt different, an outsider in a family of outsiders. I was adopted as an infant. My one brother was also adopted as well as my mother. Being adopted made me angry. As a small girl, I ripped my clothes off when my mother tried to dress me. I often had tantrums, the down-on-the floor... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Resentment Removal

Prayer freed her of the anger she harbored toward her uncle

I had had a deep-seated resentment against an uncle dating back to my childhood. It stemmed from one event, but grew with just about every visit I had with him and my grandmother. As she began to decline in health, I saw her on a daily basis. That meant seeing him as well. I was left seething with... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

In God's Garden

Confronted with a drinking work colleague, he had to let go of the results

I had a Twelve-Step opportunity at work recently and jumped at the chance to "save" another one! I learned however, that I'm not in the business of saving lives. Not even my own. That's God's business. My only obligation as a blessed, recovering alcoholic is to "carry the message" to the still... Read more





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August 27

“You cannot get ahead until you learn to be here.”

Manchester, Mass., October 1964
“This Business of Getting Ahead”
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