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Out of the Whirlwind

Her life became filled with chaos as soon as she picked up a drink and until she put it back down

I had been sober for 21 months, and my life had gotten really good. Through the blessing of a good sponsor and the Steps, I was able to start letting go of old resentments and pains and started liking myself. My family was starting to believe in me. I got married, bought a house and got pregnant... Read more


The October Issue of Grapevine Is Here

This month's special section features stories on the slogans

In the 1940s and '50s, Grapevine ran some wonderful articles about our beloved slogans, such as "Easy Does It," "Live and Let Live" and "First Things First." These are not the only slogans AAs hold dear to their hearts. Go into any old-school meeting and you might see slogans hanging all over the... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Something Was Wrong

She had always sensed that things weren't right; but she didn't know it was alcoholism

I knew from as far back as I can remember that something was very wrong in our family. I just didn't know that it was alcoholism. Both of my parents were alcoholics and rage-aholics and our household consisted of chaos, turmoil, violence and abuse. I would do anything that I could to escape, both... Read more


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“AA and my Higher Power have transformed me from a complex person who lived out of her head to a simple person who is trying to live out of her heart.”

Greenbelt, Maryland, March 1979
“Keeping It Simple,”
Spiritual Awakenings


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