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Light and Joy

Her life wasn't such a dark place anymore after she found AA

I sat on my friend's living room floor on a Monday morning, still awake and drunk from the night before. I was in a very dark place and couldn't seem to find the light switch. I felt hopeless and disgusting. In a panic attack, I prayed for God to take me. When nothing happened, I asked him to help... Read more


The March Issue of Grapevine Is Here!

This month's special section features stories on finding a Higher Power

In 1934, when a newly sober Ebby stood in our co-founder Bill W.'s kitchen and proclaimed he “got religion,” Bill was aghast. But when Ebby suggested that Bill choose his “own concept of God,” something opened up for him. In this month’s special section, AAs share a variety of their own experiences... Read more

Sample Story

A New Kind of Love

In sobriety, she learned how to love herself and others

I'm sitting at the base of Greylock Mountain, in Atlanta, Idaho. It's very quiet and I have the gift of this opportunity to contemplate. Soon, I will have my three-year sobriety birthday. It doesn't sound like long, but it's not been easy for me. I am one who has had to work at it. It took lots of... Read more




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February 28

Grapevine Quote

“What profiteth it a man if he has gained sobriety and lost his sense of humor?”

May 1950
“Grape Vignettes,”
AA Grapevine


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