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Shoveling for Sobriety

He had to find a new way to practice Step Seven

AA's Seventh Step provides me with an opportunity to change my personality for the better. The short paragraph describing how to practice the Seventh Step on page 76 of the Big Book seemed simple enough. It showed me how to pray to have my defects of character removed. It was really just what I was... Read more

The October Issue of Grapevine Is Here!

This month's special section features stories on letting go of resentments

How do we stay sober and maintain our serenity and emotional sobriety when problems annoy us and people get in our way? Luckily, we have AA. Whether it's writing a Fourth Step inventory, doing a Tenth Step, or praying for someone, we have wonderful tools that help navigate our day. The Big Book... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Many Powers Greater Than Me

A member describes how he came to practice Steps Two and Three

When I got to AA, Steps 2 and 3 reminded me of my unsuccessful attempts at mental gymnastics as a child and youth at the Lutheran church my mother sent me to. I was told that only complete faith in Jesus as savior counted, and that was pretty elusive. I tended to ask wiseacre questions like, "What... Read more





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October 4

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“The more willing I become to admit it when I am wrong, the less often am I in the position of having to make such an admission.”

January 1967
“Not Under the Rug”
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