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Forming True Partnerships

This collection of Grapevine stories shows the many ways members use the Twelve Steps, sponsorship, and the tools of the program to improve and repair relationships, old and new. When we were drinking, many of us had, as the Step Four chapter in the AA book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions puts it, "a total inability to form a true partnership with another human being."

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LOH in Audio

Collected here are all of Bill's Grapevine articles, including his first thoughts about the Traditions, his battles with chronic depression and spiritual pride, memories of an all-night drinking spree with Ebby, and a vivid description of how he came to organize the Steps (there were six in the first draft). Available as downloadable MP3s or CDs.

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General Service Conference

Learn about what happened at the the 65th General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in April 2015. Read more.

Grapevine Quote

October 24

“This process of identification and transmission has gone on and on. The skid rower said he was different. Even more loudly the socialite (or Park Avenue stumble bum) said the same -- so did the arts and the professions, the rich, the poor, the religious, the agnostics, the Indians and the Eskimos, the veterans and the prisoners.

 “But nowadays all of these, and legions more, soberly talk about how very much alike all of us alcoholics are when we all admit that the chips are finally down; when we see that it is really a question of do or die in our world wide Fellowship of ‘the comon suffering and the common deliverance.’”

AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960
“AA Communication Can Cross All Barriers”
The Language of the Heart


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