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No Cowards Here

He got an unexpected surprise while doing service with corrections

Say yes to an AA request is always good business. For me and those I know it always results in a gift from God. I might not know what gift, untnil later. Maybe never. But if all I get is keeping my willingness to say "yes," that is enough. This has been especially true with Hospitals and... Read more

Grapevine Online Exclusive

Many Powers Greater Than Me

A member describes how he came to practice Steps Two and Three

When I got to AA, Steps 2 and 3 reminded me of my unsuccessful attempts at mental gymnastics as a child and youth at the Lutheran church my mother sent me to. I was told that only complete faith in Jesus as savior counted, and that was pretty elusive. I tended to ask wiseacre questions like, "What... Read more


The September Issue of Grapevine Is Here!

This month's special section features stories on AA and technology

Our co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, could never have imagined the many ways AA members communicate and stay connected today. Social media, texting, online meetings … never before have we had so many chances to share with one another, as well as opportunities to stay close to our Traditions and... Read more





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September 4

Grapevine Quote

"I spent years looking for things to alienate me, make me different, make me special or unique, better or worse ... I was taught through the Steps to start dwelling on the positive – the 'alikeness' instead of the differences."

Grants, N.M., July 1980
"Listen to People's Feelings"
Young & Sober: Stories By Those Who Found AA Early


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