From the April 2013 magazine.

April 2013: Battery Powered

Meetings give him the spark he needs so he can stay connected

A need for connection with my God must be the reason that I often ended up in a bar full of people when drinking, even though I’m basically a loner. I was searching for something that I didn’t have. I am certain now that what I was searching for was a connection with my creator, and I could feel that spark we each have when around others, even though I felt different. We humans seem to have a herd instinct. I do need to feel part of something, and drinking allowed me to do that when nothing else did. Of course, the booze later turned on me and started creating many problems in my life.

I think that the spark of God in me responds to the spark of God in you. It’s kind of like jump-starting a car with another battery using a pair of jumper cables. We get an extra charge of the spiritual spark of God at each AA meeting we go to, from each person there. No wonder I wish to go to so many meetings! Who would want to miss getting that spiritual renewal as often as possible?

-- Frank C.

Montague, California

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