From the April 2013 magazine.

April 2013: Going Bananas?

Seven questions that helped him stop monkeying around with denial

I came to AA in 1987 as a result of the proverbial nagging wife syndrome. I was not an alcoholic, and my wife was definitely unmanageable. At meetings, I had a very difficult time relating to all the stories about DUIs, blackouts, lost homes, lost jobs, car wrecks and jail time. I had a nice house in a subdivision with two cars in the garage. I’d never missed a day’s work due to my drinking, much less lost a job because of it. I’d never had a DUI. And I had never been to jail. Well, except for that one time during college, for drinking in public on Myrtle Beach. Oh, and that other time in Daytona Beach, for the same reason. But I wasn’t drunk either time. Wait—make that twice in Myrtle Beach. I remember sitting in the jail cell thinking, Wow, they painted this place since the last time I was here!

No big deal, though; everyone gets arrested once or twice on spring break from college. At least I had never wrecked a car while drunk. Not unless you count what happened near my apartment complex. And then, well, there was that other time when that lady decided to stop at a yield sign—I was following the signs correctly.

-- Anonymous


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