From the April 2013 magazine.

April 2013: Help on the Line

How a man named Gery helped keep him from being tossed back into dangerous waters

After my final transgression, which I am thankful to say was my bottom, a wise judge realized that simply locking me away would serve no future purpose. He had seen enough alcoholics like me to know that lock-up without therapy only creates resentment and a desire to resume drinking. The judge offered me a choice: one year of straight jail time, or going to a treatment facility and, once completed, finishing my sentence in work release. I chose
the later.

By my last week in rehab I had surrendered my will, and I was convinced that AA was my only way out. I even had a white-light experience similar to the one Bill W. had. But I still could not picture how I was going to maintain sobriety and serenity when I left the rehab “bubble” and was thrown back into a world in turmoil. One day at a time, right?

-- Jim T.

Ft. Collins, Colorado

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