From the April 2013 magazine.

April 2013: Material Girl

All the fancy things could not fix her insides

I was attending college in Virginia in the ’60s. Well, let’s be honest … I was registered at college. I spent my days at the bar near the school. I didn’t have any money, but that didn’t seem to be a problem for this industrious alcoholic. Flirting and promises earned me the drinks I needed to survive each day. My friends at the bar all knew what it would take to get to spend quality time with me, and many were willing to pay the price—everything from alcohol to jewelry.

The men were flattered because I didn’t seem to care about their employment, marital status—or even their personal hygiene. As long as they had ready cash, I was willing and able to spend time with them. I justified my behavior by telling myself that everyone my age was behaving in the same way.

-- Betsy G.

Houston, Texas

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