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Welcome! IF any Pilgrim Monk come from distant parts, with wish as guest to dwell in the Monastery; and will be content with the customs he find in the place; and does not perchance by his lavishness, disturb the Monastery, but is simply content with what he... The rule of St. Benedict September 1949
Unsuccessful "Remember this, wavering A.A. friend, if you used to get drunk to build up the feel that you were a "big shot" you never really succeeded, and you won't the next time. As a matter of strict truth, you (all of us) came nearer to being a full-fledged... The Screwball August 1948
The Solution "ALL too many of us have an emotional hangover from early life that creates in us an unbalance, a feeling of unnamed fear, which encourages us to take flight into drink. Understanding this, and then fortifying ourselves with the impetus of faith we... The Screwball March 1949
Man--Not the Bottle "The scientists are searching for the causes behind problem-drinking--for they know that the root of the trouble lies in the MAN and not in the BOTTLE--and what can be done to remove those causes and with them the problem drinker's uncontrolled... The South African Hotel Review August 1948
Editorial: (Editor's Note: The following statement was not prompted by the incidents mentioned in the Editorial on the opposite page but refers to other departures from anonymity and to inherent value of preserving the principles.) MEETING in regular session,... The Trustees of The Alcoholic Found December 1948
Barley Corn Whistler's Mother has switched to Calvert--because it makes her sit tighter. The Twelve Stepper April 1948
Short Takes Liquor doesn't drown your troubles--it only irrigates them! The Twelve Stepper March 1948
Die-hard "Dear Mary Haworth: My sister, a college graduate . . . is very fond of gin. When I visit my friends she insists on going with me, and invariably she becomes intoxicated to such an extent that she insists on reciting Lincoln's 'Gettysburg Address'... The Washington Post September 1948
AAA Displaced By AA AFTER more than 30 years as the first listing in the Wilkes-Barre telephone directory, the American Automobile Association has been displaced by Alcoholics Anonymous. Displacement of the automobile club to second position in the book came about... The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader October 1949
Non-alcoholic Wives Form A.A. Auxiliary In July, 1947, seven wives of members of the Rome, Ga., Group of Alcoholics Anonymous formed an auxiliary. After several months of study and association together, we thought it might be interesting to set down our ideas. We asked each member of the... The Wives May 1948