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The Clip Sheet Schenectady, N. Y., Union-Star: "Mutual words of praise have been exchanged between the office of the Schenectady County sheriff and Alcoholics Anonymous. "A.A. has lauded Sheriff Harold Armstrong and Undersheriff Dimont Rector for cooperation... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Fostoria, Ohio, Review Times: "Professor Selden D. Bacon of Yale University maintains that there are many potential alcoholics. "He told a conference on parole, probation and crime prevention there are 750,000 alcoholics and 2,250,000 chronic... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Yakima, Wash., Herald: "The Vancouver, B. C., unit of Alcoholics Anonymous has received support that really counts. "A group of Vancouver women formed an organization called the 'Ladies Auxiliary to Alcoholics Anonymous.' Among other things... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Asheville, N. C., Citizen: "With more than 300 delegates registered, and 100 more expected to arrive, the annual Southeastern convention of Alcoholics Anonymous held its sessions in the main ballroom of the George Vanderbilt Hotel here. "The... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Burlington, Vt., News: "The importance of Alcoholics Anonymous in the recovery of World War II veterans suffering from chronic alcoholism was stressed at a meeting of the Burlington Group of A.A. at a meeting recently. "The 28-year-old guest speaker... November 1946
The Clip Sheet New York World-Telegram: "So you don't drink. Good. No need to fold yourself like a napkin under the tablecloth every time a waiter asks you what you'll have. Look him straight in the eye and order a drink that looks as wicked as a sidecar, but is... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledger: "The speaker at a recent public meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous told one of the most gripping and amazing stories of a man's fall into the curse of alcoholism and his recovery through A.A. "The speaker was the pastor... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Portsmouth, Va., Star: "The organization (A.A.) is composed of former and present victims of alcoholism. But it is not a prohibition society, nor is it its aim to prevent any man from indulging in an occasional drink. "Its aim is to rehabilitate the... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Woburn, Mass., Daily Times: "One year of official existence in Woburn marked a very successful era for Alcoholics Anonymous, the work of which now embraces 30,000 members included in 900 units throughout the country. "Many people did not know that... November 1946
The Clip Sheet Lynn, Mass., Telegram News: "A middle-aged woman dropped into the office recently to ask for help. Seems she was unable to buy dill pickles; that she was 'addicted' to dill pickles. We confess that we couldn't think of a thing to help our caller.... December 1946