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The Clip Sheet Birmingham, Ala., News: "To the Editor of The News: 'With reference to the efforts of some unauthorized persons to obtain funds for Alcoholics Anonymous from the state, let me say that A.A.'s program is worked out entirely by A.A.s themselves and... May 1947
The Clip Sheet Middletown, Del., Transcript: "An estimated 420,000 women in the United States 'who drink too much' can be expected to 'smash up' sooner than the heavy drinkers among men, the National Health Research Bureau said. The bureau said Alcoholics... June 1947
The Clip Sheet Iowa City, Iowa, Press-Citizen: "Indications that the alcohol problem has reached serious proportions for some war veteran students at the University of Iowa appears in plans by more than 100 A.A. members of eastern Iowa to meet here for a... July 1947
The Clip Sheet Washington, D.C., Times-Herald: "Rehabilitation of chronic alcoholics through the therapy of Alcoholics Anonymous was 61% successful in cases referred to that organization last year by the Municipal Court, Judge Walter J. Casey testified before a... August 1947
The Clip Sheet Portland, Me., Express: "Judge Armand O. LeBlanc of the Westbrook Municipal Court today was of the belief that the present all-time record of addiction to alcohol in this country could be traced to the passage of the prohibition act. Speaking at a... September 1947
II (Editor's Note: The Yale Plan on Alcoholism is the name which has now been adopted to describe the overall activities outlined in this article. This new name, and the story of all the activities for which it stands, have not yet been released to the... October 1947
The Clip Sheet Passaic, N. J., Herald News: "A New Jersey congressman who plays an occasional practical joke on his Washington colleagues was feeling gay about a year ago. A capital idea struck him while he was having a few drinks and he proceeded to execute it... October 1947
Univ. of Minnesota Institute on Alcoholism (The fourth of a series of articles reporting on research, educational work, studies and other activities underway throughout the country related to the subject of alcoholism.) The University of Minnesota is another of the country's leading... November 1947
The Clip Sheet Altoona, Pa., Mirror--"Dr. Roy W. Goshorn, superintendent of the State Mental Hospital at Hollidaysburg, at a public meeting early this week said, 'Alcoholism is a disease and of all the types of sick people in our society the alcoholic is... November 1947
The Clip Sheet Boston, Mass., Post: "Guernsey Island in the English Channel has an effective way of handling topers. It still retains its ancient custom of blacklisting alcoholics, in the hope of reforming them. A member of the tippler's family applies to the... February 1948