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Mail Call for All A.A.s at Home Or Abroad We, who have undertaken to follow the road of sobriety, find that after a period of time there comes a gradual change in our physical and mental makeup. There is a sense of relative unbelief. We begin to sense and to feel the change. We become alive... W.R.J. October 1946
Mail Call for All A.A.s at Home Or Abroad We cannot expect to reach a problem so deep-seated that science and religion deemed it unsolvable, with as little effort as is required for the removal of a decayed tooth. It requires the doing of difficult things including self-discipline and above... W.R. May 1946
Mail Call for All A.A.s at Home Or Abroad Some time I would like to write a book. The name of it would be: I've Done It Again. For years on end this was the remark (only stronger) that I would make on regaining consciousness after the breaking point of a binge was reached and I awoke. As I... W.O.R. January 1948
Mail Call for All A. A.s at Home Or Abroad To my way of thinking you people are doing a fine job with your paper. You are sure doing the right thing for A.A. when you publish articles like the one by J.F.H. that appeared in the February issue of The Grapevine. I view with some alarm the "... W.O.R. April 1948
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad EVER so often I read or hear of a member of A.A. who has been in it for some time and doesn't go to meetings. He doesn't need to go any more as he is too busy living this new life of sobriety given him by A.A. Perhaps, like myself, he has been taken... W.O.R. April 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad WE all believe that no one can truly understand the alcoholic as can another alcoholic. By the same token, I believe that no one can fully understand the problem of an A.A. member, who has had a slip, or several slips, the way another "slippee" can... W.O.G. May 1949
Mail Call for All A.A.s at Home Or Abroad Life is such that a man has a choice of doing right or wrong regardless of his teachings, knowledge or conscience. If his desire to quit drinking is greater than any desire; if he prays for Divine guidance in this matter and if he studies and... W.L.G. January 1948
Story Book Ending THROUGH 11 years of wedded blitz Flo and Phil had alternated in bouts with Barleycorn. Rides on the wagon and pledges provided recuperative intervals, but--well both of them always came back for more. And, after 11 years, there was still only Flo... W.L.B. May 1949
Mail Call AFTER eight months of more or less "straining" sobriety, I flopped into a six-months skid. Last night at the meeting, (Oh, I've been back on the beam since July 29, but I felt pretty glum and hang-doggish.) Anyway, after doughnuts and coffee, I... W.K. September 1949
Mail Call for All A. A.s at Home Or Abroad I eagerly look forward to the arrival of The A. A. Grapevine at home and read it as soon after it is received as possible, usually the same evening. I have been particularly interested in the series of editorials on the 12 Steps, but I was somewhat... W.J.R. December 1946