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The Clip Sheet "Four per cent of the nation's drinkers are chronic alcoholics," said the Associated Press in a release from Syracuse, Dec. 14. The AP was reporting an address by Prof. Selden Bacon, chairman of Connecticut's new Board for the Study, Care and... January 1946
The Clip Sheet "Children of alcoholic or psychotic parents, placed in foster homes at an early age, have as good a chance as children of normal parents of becoming well adjusted adults, it is indicated in a recent study published at Yale University." The Herald-... New York January 1946
The Clip Sheet Ann Arbor, Mich., Tribune: "Women alcoholics, increasing so rapidly in the last few years, have become such a serious medical and social problem that many leading physicians and psychiatrists have joined together in a survey and study of the... January 1946
The Clip Sheet San Quentin, Cal., News (California State Prison): "Modern penal advancements have brought recognition of alcoholism in its true light as a sickness or an element of sickness. A complete cure in all cases rests beyond the boundaries of science and... January 1947
The Clip Sheet Atlantic City, N. J., Press: "Alcoholics Anonymous are starting their fine work right here in Atlantic City. This comes to me in the form of a letter from a member of that unique and commendable organization." January 1947
The Clip Sheet Montpelier, Vt., Argus: "We refer to the state institute for the study of alcohol and alcoholics which is to meet here under the sponsorship of a Vermont committee composed of state officials dealing with health, public welfare, educational and... January 1947
A.A.s Country-wide News Circuit The husky Braves pitcher, Nate Andrews, while at training camp last spring, went on a terrific tear that involved hidden bottles, nerve pills, and frantic long-distance telephone calls. The whole of it ended in columns of bad publicity. He was... January 1945
All Around AA A living room in a Brooklyn brownstone, 1934-1939. A swank tailor shop on Fifth Avenue, full of bolts and bolts of handsome tweeds--and assorted A.A.s --spring of 1939. A vacant apartment on West 72nd Street, summer of 1939. The same tailor shop's... January 1945
All Around AA New Jersey's State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner, Alfred E. Driscoll, has asked for a legislative appropriation of 500,000 in 1945 for the rehabilitation of alcoholics through development of institutional facilities. Administration of the... January 1945
All Around AA The first Pacific Coast Conference on Alcohol Studies, presented by Yale University, opened here in the Masonic Auditorium the morning of November 27th and continued for five days through the evening of December 1st. Sponsored by Governor Earl Snell... Doc" H. January 1945