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A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit A three-year-old dream has come true at last--with the official housewarming of the Miami Group's new club rooms at 23 North West South River Drive. The club, overlooking the Miami River, is equipped with a bar--where hot coffee and soft drinks are... January 1946
A.A. Digest Central Bulletin, Cleveland, Ohio:--"It is with an increasing feeling of alarm that we view current statements in the press. . .on the rehabilitation of the returning veteran. Why? Because there is little or no reference to alcoholism. In official... January 1946
A.A. Digest-- Weekly Aridity Review. Spirit Lake-Milford-Spencer, Ia.: "Yes, you CAN stay dry without attending your group meetings. It has been done and lots of guys will do it again but believe us it is not only the HARD way, it is the UNFAIR way. Did that ever... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit In less than three years, A.A. groups in Massachusetts have increased from two to 36, or a gain of 1800 percent, while Connecticut shows a 700 percent gain, according to a member of the Newtonville, Mass., Group. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit The Tacoma A.A. Group reports progress after settlement of a recent six weeks' bus strike which hampered attendance and affected the usual A.A. activities, although there were enough cars to pick up regulars needing transportation. Increased... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Double celebrations of sobriety and the holidays are reported from many areas. The Ottawa, Canada, Group's first birthday was celebrated by about 100 members and guests in the parish hall of Blessed Sacrament Church. An open meeting followed the... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit When a man who had been hospitalized by the Alkanon Club of Binghamton, N. Y., was taken home and left on his own resources it was decided to carry him as a corresponding member, to write to him each week, telling of the discussions, carrying some... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit How A.A. is beginning to flourish in Anchorage, Alaska, in spite of a frontier atmosphere and bad weather is related in letters from an Army officer at Ft. Richardson. A woman who had been a member of a group in the States made arrangements before... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Signing the letter "A-lways A-chieving," the A.A. Grapevine correspondent from New Orleans reports Tuesday night open meetings have heard a prominent doctor of psychiatry, who agrees with the A.A. program, and a national business executive who... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit After a small start in Wooster, Ohio, several years ago, the Group there dissolved, but in March of this year four alcoholics and two wives began attending meetings in Ashland and eventually decided to build a group in Wooster again. A local church... January 1947