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A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Tampa, Fla., A.A.s are justly proud of the new club house into which they moved recently. Located at 405 Tyler Street, it is a two-story former residence, which is being completely renovated inside and out and rearranged to provide with its 12 rooms... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Freeman Group of the Salvation Army meets at the Salvation Army Hall, 1514 Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, every Monday night at 8, with an average attendance of about 40. A meeting is held the first Sunday of each month in conjunction with an... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit The weekly broadcast of the Towson, Md., Group over station WFBR brought a note from a Pittsfield, Mass., woman who asked the members to aid in her search for her husband from whom she has been separated for 10 years. The woman hopes her husband may... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit After a former Atlanta, Ga., member brought A.A. to Billings, Mont., the Group enjoyed a growth for a while, only to dwindle to two, who kept trying until now there are six or seven members with about half a dozen others listed as dependables and... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit The founder of the Elmira, N. Y., Group received his blue chips recently at a meeting to which a local paper devoted considerable space. When members of the Group start out they are given a white poker chip as an A.A. reminder. After three months an... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Vancouver, B. C., A.A.s have a new periodical, The Mixer, produced by the West End Group. Its 12 pages contain news, serious articles, humor and personal notes. Arrangements are being made to extend its circulation throughout the district, including... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit The Austin, Texas, Group was host to the statewide convention which was held in the Driskill Hotel this fall with a national officer attending. Another feature was the distance traveled by some members, one coming 600 miles from El Paso, five coming... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Proud of the growth from two members to 15, the A.A. Group of Princeton, W. Va., numbers many who have been sober the full six months since the founding. The Group reports a large field in which to work and feels confident of results. Meetings are... January 1947
A.A.'s Country-wide News Circuit Construction of two 150-bed institutions for the treatment of alcoholics will be recommended to the next legislature by the state commissioner of mental hygiene, a Columbus, Ohio, member reports. A.A.s are also watching with interest the... January 1947
A.A. Digest-- Squad One, Washington, D. C.--"Eliminating, but not judging, those alcoholics who are not serious, it is possible that slips can be divided into two classes: (1) Those which happen during the first weeks or months and occasionally continue for a... January 1948