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No Exceptions Many A.A. members create an unnecessary mental hazard for themselves over the approach of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The newcomer, in particular, who has joined an A.A. group since the last holiday season is prone to spend some unhappy... Abbott T. December 1945
ST. Paul's Four Discussion Groups (Continuing the series outlining the various plans and methods followed by different groups throughout the country.) The present plan of discussions for new members in the St. Paul Group, with modifications during use, has been in operation for... L.S.L. December 1945
A.A. at Work for the Seamen In reference to my work at Seamen's Church Institute in Manhattan, I submit an analysis briefly covering the rudimentary details of my job, including a typical case history. I think I may best explain my relations with these men who reach me by... Bill F. December 1945
Once an Alcoholic, Always -- A year ago I was a hopeless alcoholic. I tried to stop drinking, but the harder I tried the more I drank. I drank to get drunk. I drank to stay sober. And I couldn't do either. Alcoholics Anonymous jerked me back to reality. Having only a vague... Dick B. December 1945
Piccadilly Peccadillos To beer or not to beer was the question last Christmas in London, England, as the buzz bombs were also falling. When you reach the "quiz kid" stage you are already drunk, so to make it formal I sought my safety in the suds and ended up on an atomic... Sgt. Hugh B. December 1945
A Miracle at Christmas----A Man Re-born WOULD you say that a man who had been drinking for months, who had wound up in a flop house in such shape he could not get out of bed and whose "entire frame shook with convulsive-like tremors"--would you say that man could get up the following... December 1946
Typical Die-hards The age of miracles isn't past. I'll never forget the first time I saw the A.A. program work. I wasn't in the mood for a miracle or much else. I sat at my editor's desk on a small town paper and worried over the past year with its succession of... J.R.H. December 1946
Are A.A. Women and Wives Sometimes Smug? In a sparsely occupied dining car rolling through Dixie, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation at a nearby table between a man and an attractive woman. She was suggesting A.A. for his wife, and praising its works quite audibly, though she... K.T. December 1946
Saints Are Few Among Men, Too "I wouldn't want you to breath this to a soul. . .but. . . I just heard. . ." The subject of gossip is singled out from the October issue's "what's-wrong-with-women" article because it seems potentially the most damaging of any of the other... T.Y. December 1946
Not a Little Prayer In this group we base our sobriety and our happiness in sobriety--in the words of an American priest--on an actual day-to-day observance of two ancient commandments: "Honor God;" "Love thy neighbor as thyself." "Honor God."--perhaps we should really... S.M. December 1947