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Central Office Notes May 1st was moving day for the Central office into larger quarters on Lexington Avenue near Grand Central Terminal, a much more accessible spot to out-of-town visitors. (New address--P.O. Box 459, Grand Central Annex, New York 17, N. Y.) We are... Bill W. June 1944
Do You Know. . . . . .? Answer:--The Alcoholic Foundation is comprised of seven trustees, four of whom (a majority) are non-alcoholics but keenly interested in the problem of alcoholism, and three of whom are members of A.A. These trustees maintain the Central Office, our... June 1944
Central Office Notes Oct. 8, 1943 Naval Cantonment, Honolulu, Hawaii Alcoholics Anonymous Dear Sirs: I have been an alcoholic for 10 years. Three months ago, on July 8th, I went to the hospital for alcoholism. It was the third time in that same hospital. . .While there... June 1944
Time on Your Hands? This column will deal specifically with one or two "time fillers" in each issue, but we want to cover the kind of thing you are most interested in. We hope, therefore, that you will send in requests for information and that you will also send facts... June 1944
Conference on Alcoholism On April 19th, a one-day conference on "Alcoholism, Prevention & Cure" was held in Lansing, Michigan, at Michigan State College. It was sponsored by the Michigan Temperance Foundation (!) and Yale University School of Alcoholic Studies, and the... June 1944
Editorial: In the book Alcoholics Anonymous there is a chapter called "A Vision for You". Wandering through it recently, my eye was caught by this startling paragraph written a short five years ago. "Someday we hope that every alcoholic who journeys will find... Bill W. June 1944
Charming Is the Word for Alcoholics Down at the very bottom of the social scale of A.A. society are the pariahs, the untouchables and the outcasts, all under-privileged and all known by one excoriating epithet--relatives. I am a relative. I know my place. I am not complaining. But I... Fulton Oursler July 1944
The Brooklyn Group Works Closely With Hospital Patients The Brooklyn Group has succeeded in establishing close relations with Brooklyn State Hospital. They held their first A.A. meeting within the institution late in May, and they went about it in a very sound manner. A leader and four speakers went over... July 1944
Seminar on Alcohol The 1944 session of Yale University's School of Alcohol Studies will open on July 7th and continue through August 4th. The object of these summer sessions is to make the findings of scientific research on all phases of alcohol available for actual... July 1944
Bill's Trip South Bill and Lois have returned from a two weeks' trip through the South, as guests of eight A.A. groups: Jacksonville, Miami, Daytona and Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee. The Miami Herald... July 1944