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Cartoon July 1949
Cartoon October 1949
Editorial: THIS is the season of the noble looks, and the empty resolutions. But not, thank Heaven, for us. Not any more! Let others weep over the shattered remains of their good intentions. We've found something better, something we call our 24-hour plan. We'... January 1949
Editorial: A.A. is not an employment agency. Yet some newcomers often get the mistaken idea that it is. Since the first of the year we've heard of at least four serious slips--one after eleven months--all blamed on the alibi that, "A.A. didn't get me a job!"... February 1949
Correction Dr. W. D. Silkworth is medical director of Towns Hospital and not "formerly of Towns Hospital, Manhattan," as mistakenly reported in the December issue of The A.A. Grapevine. Our sincere apology, Doctor. February 1949
Editorial: A CHECK on correspondence coming into the General Service Headquarters turns up a surprising number of complaints. Of course, the fact that A.A. is not 100% successful and that we, as individuals, are something less than perfect will come as a... March 1949
Editorial: AS A.A. grows, taking in new subscribers to its Program every day, its reservoir of practical knowledge is made available to increasing thousands. Each member through his 12th Step work, his talks at meetings and by his example helps to pass along... April 1949
Editor's Note WE Grapeviners are unhappy! Why is it that so many A.A.s tell us that they have never heard of The A.A. Grapevine? If it were just the newcomers, we could understand that, but when oldtimers look us straight in the eye and say, "Never heard of it.... May 1949
Editorial: THE scene was outside a funeral home. The policeman stationed there had seen many funerals. Big shots and little shots had gone to their rest from this place and, unless it was somebody special, the cop never paid too much attention. This one was... June 1949
Editor's Note JUNE is the birthday month for The A.A. Grapevine. The "crazy idea" of five years ago now has a total circulation of 18,000, made possible by the help and cooperation of A.A. groups throughout the world. We thank you. May we suggest: That you notify... June 1949