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Aid for Drug Addicts "THERE is a group known as Addicts Anonymous in the Institution composed of individuals who agree with all expert medical opinion that the basic personality difficulties underlying alcoholism and addiction to other drugs are essentially the same,... J.R.B. July 1949
Not So Much Changed As--Changing BEHOLD! Your A.A. Grapevine looks a little different this month. The new cover itself probably started you wondering what goes on here. And as you turn these pages, you'll find that something new has been added on the inside also. We hope you like... September 1949
Two Interesting New Groups MANY of you regular A.A. Grapevine readers probably remember the articles, "A Loner at Sea," which appeared in the September and October 1948 issues of your magazine. Through these articles, the personal letters of the "Loner" and suggestions and... September 1949
Editorial: ALCOHOLICS Anonymous is 14 years old. Yet no one thinks we are just entering adolescence. On the contrary, we are approaching maturity. Therefore our problems and responsibilities as a society are on the increase. It is becoming clear we cannot be... Bill W. October 1949
In Praise I AM a priest of the Episcopal Church. For over two years I have attended regularly the general meetings on Friday night of Alcoholics Anonymous. On invitation I have attended group meetings and several zone meetings. I am not an alcoholic. Why then... Father Robert A. Martin October 1949
A Suggestion for Thanksgiving THE idea is in the air that AA might adopt Thanksgiving Week as a time for meetings and meditation on the Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous. The friend who hatched this notion tells you--on another page--why he thinks the idea good. I heartily agree... Bill W. November 1949
You Have a Stake in the Future of AA IF AA were to be defined in the vernacular. it might be called a blend of principle and practice which packs a terrific kick but causes no hangovers because it has been distilled from the essence of experience. The great majority of us--in fact, all... T. D. Y. November 1949
First Things First! EASY DOES IT! AT FIRST I thought this meant just sit still and sobriety would be laid in my lap. But along about the 4th Step I began to realize that I had always been a guy who wanted my rewards before I was hardly well begun on the job. When they... December 1949
Aunt Jenny's Radio AA Story ONCE again AA is very lucky! It was only a matter of time until alcoholism and AA found their way into radio's daytime "soap operas." Now it's happened and those of us who dreaded what might have happened can breathe easily. The subject was handled... December 1949
Fast Thinking "ON a trip from Ireland to Eire, Pat was stopped at the border line by the customs officer, who asked if he had anything to declare. 'Only a bottle of water," replied Pat. 'What kind?' asked the official. 'Holy water,' replied Pat. Long experience... The Alconaire January 1949