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Sound Your AA! ARTHUR Sullivan, the composer, was a drinkin' man, they say. He was even known to lose control of his senses at times. But never his "ear" for tone. Sullivan was returning home one night in a state of inebriation which made the identification of his... November 1949
Double Standard HELEN Hokinson who draws those delightful clubwomen would love this one! A group of AA wives were having an afternoon get-together. The hostess thought now that their husbands were all straightened out in AA, it would be a devilish idea for the... November 1949
London Calling-- THE escape again?? Yes, but this time from the traffic noise and the petrol smell of the Big City, into the quiet and peaceful countryside of Sussex. Also to escape from the uninterrupted ringing of the telephone in the "Private Office of the... L. T. February 1949
--and South Africa WE started with two alcoholics, one of whom had first had A.A. experience in Dallas, Texas, and the other in Johannesburg, South Africa. We then worked with a third who proved a hard nut to crack. He has now moved to Johannesburg and is a leader of... R.G.M. February 1949
I Belonged I HAVE attended my first AA meeting in a foreign country--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The group consisted of nine men. I was the only woman present. There was some English spoken to me, individually, but the language spoken was Portuguese, of which I... M.B. October 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad SEVERAL months ago, after 18 years of drinking, I touched bottom--mentally, morally and physically. I realized that I was an alcoholic. I was remorseful because I could not stop drinking, knowing that it was threatening to disrupt my marriage;... B.D. January 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad PRAYER is the raising of the mind and heart to God to acknowledge His supremacy and our dependence. Then we ask His spiritual and temporal favors. These we ask for, provided they are for our welfare and the greater glory of God. What is God's... Bill A. January 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad A RECENT industrial publication editorial points out that the measure of a man is the size of the things that can get his goat. The person who isn't big enough to brush off the little annoyances that we can count on every day probably has not grown... D.E. January 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad HOW else but to struggle against evil, may we be on the side of God? I know I must make an effort against the evil within me before I can successfully combat the evil without. Yet, I must not rely too much upon my works, for when I am doggedly at... Walt K. January 1949
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad A.A. IS not just a means of sobriety, it is the key to a successful life. It meets my every need, mentally and spiritually. It has shown me the way out of the darkness with knowledge, understanding, and defense. I am grateful for every activity of A... Al.P. January 1949