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--and South Africa WE started with two alcoholics, one of whom had first had A.A. experience in Dallas, Texas, and the other in Johannesburg, South Africa. We then worked with a third who proved a hard nut to crack. He has now moved to Johannesburg and is a leader of... R.G.M. February 1949
--And What Is a Little Time? MANY of us may have come away at times from a new man, thinking to ourselves with a glow of self-satisfaction, "I did a good job there. I gave him the A.A. works all right. "But, after all, wasn't our only contribution a little time, perhaps a... S. May 1949
--The A.A. Bridge-- FRAME-WORK: Of Divine Steel of truest temper, welded at each joint with Faith. FILLING: A concrete composition of time-tested material, the strongest known to man, called "Fellowship." Strongly laminated to the frame-work and foundation by a supreme... April 1948
--The Loan Of-- FREQUENTLY, and of course unofficially, there pops up the subject of money, the loan of. It is the root of many unnecessary and extraneous A.A. evils. Finding little guidance on this in our Tradition or 12 Steps, here is offered (as opinions only,... The Deacon May 1949
--What I Found I Did Not Like-- THE article "Twelfth Step Kid" by A. S. in the December issue of The A.A. Grapevine, interested me immensely, especially as it made me see something in me that needs correcting. My first impression on reading was this: "That is exactly like--. He... D.A. January 1949
. . . .On the 12th Tradition ALCOHOLICS Anonymous Traditions admonish us that to preserve harmony and to enhance the survival value of our movement, we should seriously respect the anonymous aspect of the Program. In Main Street America it is more difficult to remain anonymous... Doc. December 1949
1,700 A.A.s and Friends Attend Annual Dinner More than 1,700 members of Alcoholics Anonymous and their friends--representing A.A. Groups from all sections of the United States--attended the organization's 11th annual dinner on November 7, at the Hotel Commodore, New York. The dinner was... December 1946
10th Birthday Celebrations To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the meeting out of which A.A. was born, the Cleveland groups have arranged a two-day program carrying through the afternoon of June 10 while the Akron groups will be host at a dinner on the evening of the same... June 1945
118 New Groups Reported in Last Two Months New groups reported to the Central Office between Dec. 11 and Feb. 11 are as follows: ARIZONA--Downtown Tucson. ARKANSAS--Jonesboro. CALIFORNIA--Walnut Creek; Polk-Gulch (San Francisco) ; Porterville; Bay Cities of Santa Monica, Highland Park,... March 1947
12 Steps in Reverse Everyone is always talking about the 12 Steps in A. A. Another way of thinking about it are the 12 Mis-Steps of A. A. Here they are: Start missing meetings for any reason, real or imaginary. Become critical of the methods used by other members who... C. L. March 1947