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7. Freedom from despair. The New Way of Life is a life of freedom. The alcoholic seldom realizes what a slave he is. Temporary confinement in jails, hospitals and rest homes are the least important of the curtailments of his freedom. He is a slave not only to drink but to... January 1948
70 New Groups in Two Months! New groups registering with The Central Office from July 9 to September 9 were: ALABAMA--Piedmont and Safford. ARIZONA--Flagstaff. CALIFORNIA--San Francisco (Midtown-Marina and Sunset), Tulare, and Bellflower. CONNECTICUT--Farmington Valley.... October 1946
A "Loner" at Sea DID you ever stop to think of how a "Loner" makes the grade? He may be alone on a tropical island or in some large far-off city where A.A. is not yet known but somehow with the aid of the Big Book, the pamphlets, The A.A. Grapevine and above all... September 1948
A "Loner" at Sea AT SEA, September 15, 1946--"Well, I made it and it wasn't so bad after all. During the four weeks ashore I put A.A. and sobriety ahead of everything else. I went to meetings somewhere every night with the exception of week ends at home. My wife is... October 1948
A "Loner" at Sea Palembang River, January 3, 1948--"We had an enjoyable time in Palembang. We were invited to a New Year's Eve party. It was the first whoopee party. I have attended since joining A.A. I really had a swell time. I danced the old year out with the 16... A Member of Alcoholics Anonymous. November 1948
A "Platform Manner" Calls for Quick Exit The evolution of the A.A. speaker is an interesting phenomenon to watch and perhaps it offers a warning that has to do with one of the most dangerous bogs encountered along the road to recovery. Most alcoholics have an aversion to platform speaking... N.M. May 1948
A Bit Mixed "THE Washington Ministerial association had a meeting recently at which the principal speaker was a representative from Alcoholics Anonymous. The speech was well received, with constant applause. Toward the end of his speech the man from Alcoholics... Shreveport, La., Times April 1949
A Daughter Is Proud of Her A.A. Mother I'm proud to say that I am a daughter of a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Indeed, I'm proud to be the daughter of a true alcoholic, for it makes my mother seem like a special kind of person. I cannot say that I have always felt this way. No one... Pat M. May 1945
A Dilemma to Admit or Not to Admit I SPOKE before a gathering of women at one of the leading Protestant Churches in the City of Phoenix. It will be no surprise that my subject was, "Alcoholism--America's Public Health Problem Number 4." I am a lawyer by profession and not... D.P. October 1948
A Diminishing Growth "UP in Milwaukee there is an organization called 'TOPS,' which stands for 'take-off-pounds.' This is a fast growing women's group in which its members use the methods of Alcoholics Anonymous to keep one another on their reducing diets. At the club's... Ottumwa, Iowa, Courier November 1948