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Vino Vignettes: Like a lot of the others I used to wonder what Red was doing at our A.A. meetings. He was a perfect type, but not what you'd expect in an A.A. session. Words dropped with a husky accent from one corner of a mouth resembling a mail box slit and the... Bob H. August 1947
Vino Vignettes: My friend Cliff, after seven months of sobriety, miscued, fouled out, sliced into the deep rough, or in plain English, got drunk. It was sudden. Yesterday he was sober, apparently doing a splendid job without too much difficulty. Today he was... E.W. October 1947
War Gave Florida Group Flying Start A.A. would inevitably have come to Jacksonville some day, but we are grateful to an Executive Officer of the Naval Air Training Station for bringing A.A. to us as far back as the beginning of the present world conflict. By April 18, 1941, he had... J. L. A. January 1945
Warning! I WISH The A.A. Grapevine would run another one of your articles from some M.D. warning about the danger of giving sedatives to anyone who has been drinking. I know you have had several articles and letters along this line but I don't think you can... H.R. September 1948
Was Dr. Johnson an AA? WE are told on excellent authority that we will search in vain for a single new fundamental in AA. I was reminded of this precept recently, while re-reading that classic of biography, Boswell's Life of Johnson. I had read this masterpiece before... A.H.B. September 1949
Washington Clinic Has New Director Pending the arrival of Dr. Wexberg as director of the Washington, D.C., clinic for alcoholics, the clinic has been functioning since September 1 under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Weininger who replaced Dr. Michael Miller. Dr. Weininger is a... November 1945
Washington, D.C., Has New Clinic for Alcoholics Long-sought psychiatric help for Washington, D. C. alcoholics is now available at the volunteer clinic in Room 6145 of Municipal Center. Despite its modest beginning, the clinic, which grew out of proposals from A.A., marks a long step forward in... October 1945
Washingtonians IT was Friday evening, April 3rd, 1840. Six men, tipplers all, were gathered about a table at Chase's Tavern on Liberty Street in Baltimore. To the casual passerby, there was nothing unusual about them; just another bunch of harmless drunks. From... Richard Ewell Brown December 1948
Washingtonians WHAT was the valuable secret that the Washingtonians had stumbled upon, and why was the movement such a success? To begin with, they were the first to discover the now widely admitted fact that no one is quite so well equipped to help the chronic... Richard Ewell Brown January 1949
Watch the Foundations MY thanks and praise to L.D. of Danbury, Conn., for his article entitled "Anonymity?" in your excellent March issue. I wish the matter might be discussed by at least one speaker at every meeting. He definitely has something when he says "Anonymity... N.G. May 1949