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A Father Looks Through His Son's Eyes If we non-alcoholics, who have seen this alcoholic disease take possession of one who is dear to us, could change places with the alcoholic and through his eyes get his outlook on life, I believe we would be appalled. If we could feel ourselves... Bill S.'s father, Wally December 1944
A Great Mistake "EASY does it: One of the greatest mistakes in life and especially the spiritual life is hurry. We are always in such a hurry to reach the end, to be perfect. We are perfectionists, but perfection takes time. Half the secret of success in learning... Alky Ally January 1949
A Little Bit Nettled-- HAVING been some years dry and only attending occasionally, I am greeted thus: "Where have you been?" instead of "How have you been?" A little bit nettled, I hear talks directed to the new member saying, "You will find thus and so to be the case"... J.O. October 1949
A Little Child Stevie is my 5 1/2 year old boy. The first three years of his life were separated from me by alcoholic fog, before A.A. It was evening, the Sunday before Christmas. We lay there on the couch together, listening to soft radio music. "Daddy, I like to... D.P. February 1947
A Logical Follow-up THE January issue of The A.A. Grapevine put a lot of proper emphasis on our 24-hour plan. Maybe my experience with it will make a logical follow-up. I had applied the 24-hour plan to my drinking, with great success. But when I tried to use it in all... H.A.S. February 1949
A Miracle at Christmas----A Man Re-born WOULD you say that a man who had been drinking for months, who had wound up in a flop house in such shape he could not get out of bed and whose "entire frame shook with convulsive-like tremors"--would you say that man could get up the following... December 1946
A New Group ON the island of Molokai, one of the Hawaiian chain, there is a leper colony. The people there live as nearly normal as is possible under their isolated conditions. In the town of Kalaupapa they have their own civic government, their own stores,... G.W. June 1949
A New Year's Message NOTHING is so brittle as a New Year's resolution, unless it be a glass crutch. Most New Year's resolutions shatter within a few days. Then their broken pieces lie around, as sharp as needles, remindful of failure until the skin, or the conscience,... T.D.Y. January 1949
A Paradox WHEN I was serving time in our state prison for alcoholism I dreamed of breaking out of the place--anything to get relief from the awful confinement. Little did I think that the time would ever come when I would want to break back in, or would feel... Bob P. January 1949
A Pattern for Success A VERY wise man in human relations once said that a pattern of success once established in the breaking of an unwanted habit leads to the complete elimination of that habit. I like to use this thought in its application to alcoholism and the... R.D.B. November 1948