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A Tip to "Slippers," and Newcomers, Too Before we joined A.A. most of our prolonged drunks were in reality just a "slip"--we thought we'd have just one drink. The foundation of sobriety in A.A. is simplicity itself--it is simply not taking the first drink. You can call it Step No. 1/2, or... P.B. August 1947
A Way of Life In the Twelve Steps, A.A. offers not a theory, not a hypothesis, not a pious hope, not--thank God--wistful or wishful thinking, but an historical record of how more than 25,000 alcoholics achieved sobriety. Set down from that same historical record... Clem L. July 1946
A Wife Learns How Best to Really Help It was after one--the last one--of our numerous separations. I was waiting, with a combination of the usual fervent hope and skepticism, for my husband's usual repentant promises. And then, "You've been no help to me!" he said. The words were a dash... Ruth G. December 1947
A Wife Takes Pleasure in A.A. After almost three years of sobriety on Frank's part, I find it difficult to believe that he was in such a bad way when he came into A.A. He was simply a wreck mentally, physically, and financially. I always knew Frank was an alcoholic. The word "... Gisele L. May 1945
A Word to the Wise (Wives) As the wife of an alcoholic who suffered through years of unhappiness because of my husband's affliction, I took to A.A. perhaps even more avidly than he did when we first heard about it. I entered into all the activities, subscribed wholeheartedly... Jane T. April 1946
A Word to the Wise A.A. Parent (Editor's Note: The following was written by an A.A.'s 21-year-old daughter who was at first skeptical but now has seen how A.A. works.) "UH HUH. A lot of drunks got together and solemnly declared they're going to stay dry. They'll all help each... February 1947
A. A. at Camp Peary Operation of the plan (Alcoholics Anonymous), at Camp Peary, an officer from the base declared, at a big open meeting in Richmond, already has resulted in much good in its aid to officers in solving the problem of Navy men getting drunk on leave and... July 1944
A. A. Digest-- Alanews, Dubuque, Ia.--"When a sports promoter sponsors a newcomer to the boxing world, he doesn't merely take his protege down to some gymnasium, introduce him to a few other leather pushers, and tell him from there on he's on his own. If he did,... June 1947
A. A. Digest-- The Paradox, Kansas City, Mo.--"What we are going to be in the future depends on what we do now. The future is a reflection of our thoughts and acts in the present. Sobriety, tolerance and creative thinking will build for us a peace of mind never to... July 1947
A. A. Digest-- A.A. Tribune, Des Monies, Ia.--"At the house committee meeting last night we discussed sponsorship, and the lack of it, and how we are trying, with growing numbers, to hang onto close sponsorship. And then we also named several new men and women who... November 1947