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The Clip Sheet By Wireless to the New York Times: "STOCKHOLM, Sweden,. . .--Sweden is a land. . .of many odd ways. "Today's example: The population of Sandhult County in western Sweden is taking up a collection for the first drunk to qualify for lodging in the new... March 1946
The Clip Sheet Washington, D. C., Times-Herald: "Eight new patients and six who were formerly treated at the Force School presented themselves as willing subjects for an alcoholic cure when the Polk Health Center Alcoholic Clinic for Negroes went into operation... March 1946
The Clip Sheet Phoenix, Ariz., Arizona Republic: "King Alcohol, with his satellites, beer, wine, and whiskey, is the largest single source of federal revenue, if the income tax be excluded. "Last year, government taxes from this source totaled $2,300,000,000." March 1946
The Clip Sheet Brockton, Mass., Enterprise & Times: "A desk officer at police headquarters jovially inquired of a jocose 'guest' why he was visiting.' " 'O, just a bit alcoholic, I suppose, but for the sake of the record, I'm not anonymous,' came the smart... March 1946
The Clip Sheet The Denver, Colo., Rocky Mountain News, in a column devoted to the alcoholic and hospitalization, decries the fact that no hospitals in Denver will accept an alcoholic. "I have talked with the managers of several Denver hospitals," writes the... April 1946
The Clip Sheet Edwin Neff of the Washington, D. C., Times-Herald, writes that there is an alarming increase in alcoholism among women in Washington, and "the problem, while impossible to measure by statistics, is probably worse than the public imagines. "It... April 1946
The Clip Sheet Antigo, Wis., Journal: "For many years it has been recognized by those who have given thought to the problem of treatment of alcoholics that state legislation and institutional facilities are sadly inadequate and way behind modern knowledge of how... April 1946
The Clip Sheet Dallas, Tex., News: The Veterans Administration is considering offering care to alcoholics in its hospitals, Mrs. Marty Mann, executive secretary of the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, said here. VA officials have been giving serious... April 1946
The Clip Sheet New York Herald Tribune: New Jersey should establish state-operated centers to aid its estimated 29,000 chronic alcoholics, two Rutgers University sociologists said recently. . . . On the basis of interviews with 456 physicians in 42 communities, Dr... April 1946
The Clip Sheet During February, the Washington, D. C., Post carried a story on its front page to the effect that Alcoholics Anonymous have "salvaged" all but two of 35 drunk case defendants referred to them by a municipal judge since the beginning of the year.... April 1946