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Cartoon October 1944
Cartoon November 1944
Points of View Editor's Note: Probably the most exciting moment in the early life of "The Grapevine" after its actual birth, came with the first batch of mail. We couldn't believe it! This puny infant had apparently given such a lusty yell on emerging that it had... July 1944
Editorial: The originators of The Grapevine did not lay down any specific policy when they began assembling material for the first issue. We were, however, in unanimous agreement that the paper must represent, in the broadest sense possible, the general... The Editors September 1944
Memo to Grapevine Readers Next month's issue is pivoted around the Yale-sponsored National Committee for Education on Alcoholism. This Committee has great significance for us, as A.A.s, on two counts. First, because it is an extremely important, highly organized effort to... September 1944
Two Yale Savants Stress Alcoholism As True Disease At the launching of The Grapevine, we wish to express our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the success of this new publication. The invitation to contribute a note on the Yale Plan Clinics to the first issue of your Journal, confirms... H. W. Haggard and E. M. Jellinek June 1944
Grapevine" in Bow In a big smoke-filled room six ink-stained wretches sipped at their Cokes as I shot question after question at them. "All right," I said, "The stork didn't bring this paper. Nobody found it in a rose bush. It didn't just grow like Topsy. Come clean... June 1944
Corporation Meets The semi-annual corporation meeting was held at the 24th Street Club House on April 18th, 1944 at 8:00 P.M. Fifty-two members attended (A.A.s who have been dry a year or more). The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting (September 29, 1943)... June 1944
Central Committee At the continuation of the semi-annual corporation meeting Wednesday night, May 10, the Acting President pro tem called the roll of groups represented and asked for a report of their decision in regard to the Inter Group proposal. It was established... June 1944
Bucolic Notes. . . . "Sister Francis'" friends will be glad to know that High Watch Farm, Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, near Kent, which many A.A.'s have visited and where some found their first contact with us, is open again. Two of our Manhattan group members are... June 1944