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The Clip Sheet Proposing to replace the old-fashioned, futile jail-cell treatment of alcoholics with progressive and effective methods rooted in medical science, interested persons recently held a three-day institute on chronic alcoholism at the University of... May 1946
The Clip Sheet Plainfield, N. J., Courier-News: "What first appeared to be a duck floating sedately down Green Brook. . . turned out on closer scrutiny on the part of park strollers to be a large-sized man's shoe, enthusiastically if not expertly pursued by two... May 1946
The Clip Sheet Fayetteville, N. C., Observer: "Alcoholics Anonymous since the establishment of its chapter here has served to help a number of local citizens snap their fingers in the face of the devil of intemperance and prove to themselves and their friends and... May 1946
The Clip Sheet Indianapolis, Ind., Star: "In Times Square 26 people rushed to join Alcoholics Anonymous when they saw part of a fur coat walking in the B.M.T. subway. It was a live pet marmoset looking for its marmor." May 1946
The Clip Sheet New York, N. Y., World Telegram: "Tom Collins, announcer on the Cavalcade of America program, faced a pretty little crisis when the script a few weeks ago featured a dramatization of the work of Alcoholics Anonymous. "The irony of signing off such a... June 1946
The Clip Sheet St. Paul, Minn., Dispatch: "Women drunkards are on the increase in St. Paul, in the opinion of those who study the problem here. "Increase is noted both in those women who drink 'socially' and those who drink 'hard' and often alone. "Total number of... July 1946
The Clip Sheet Brockton, Mass., Enterprise and Times: ". . .A local organization interested in helping each other solve a personal problem, presented a book to the library. The book is Alcoholics Anonymous and the Brockton Group of that organization is the donor.... July 1946
The Clip Sheet Marquette, Mich., Mining Journal: "One hundred eighty Marquette residents heard discussions on 'Alcohol and Modern Life' by a public health physician, a member of the licensing and enforcement division of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and... July 1946
The Clip Sheet New Rochelle, N. Y., Standard-Star: "Appeals for greater awareness of the magnitude of the problem of alcoholism in Westchester and throughout the country, more sympathetic understanding of the chronic alcoholic as a sick person on the part of the... July 1946
The Clip Sheet Another recent AP story. . . this one from Atlantic City, N. J.: "Don't use sleeping tablets in the barbiturate family when you're drinking (or vice versa) unless it's a long sleep you're after. "This was the gist of a report to the American... July 1946