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What of the Last Half? FRANK stormed out of his client's office snarling, "That stupid, stubborn so-and-so. . ." and slammed the door viciously behind him. The jarring impact of the banging door instantly acted as a red signal. Hastily he reopened the door and said to the... R.G.M. October 1949
High Bottom I WAS what is called a high bottom, low threshold of pain drinker. I am an artist. I started drinking in art school in 1930 and continued rather heavy drinking without any alcoholic trouble from 1930 until the middle of the recent war. I was in the... A.P. October 1949
Six Stages of Drunkenness Shakespeare, who knew "a thing or two, "divided man's life into seven ages; and the eminent artist, to whose inventive skill we are indebted for the annexed illustrations, has seen proper to separate the different degrees of drunkenness by a... October 1949
A Little Bit Nettled-- HAVING been some years dry and only attending occasionally, I am greeted thus: "Where have you been?" instead of "How have you been?" A little bit nettled, I hear talks directed to the new member saying, "You will find thus and so to be the case"... J.O. October 1949
Easy Does It AT every meeting that I have attended and the five hundred mark has long since past, I have heard several times during the course of each evening this expression used: "For the benefit of newcomers. . ." or "For the new man. . ." I have used it... C.D. October 1949
Eddie and the Evil Eye When Eddie received his "Greetings" from the President early in 1942, there was no sign of an alcoholic problem. Of course, Eddie was rather young then and had hardly been drinking long enough to qualify. Today Eddie is certain of one of two things... October 1949
Next Came a Personal House Cleaning I WILL never become a normal drinker. Because of a mental quirk or a physical allergy, or both, I can't drink. I have completely smashed the possibility that I am, or presently will be, like other people. Now that the conclusion has been reached... Anonymous October 1949
Country Squire HAVE just finished The Human Story entitled "Country Squire" in the September issue of The A.A. Grapevine and enjoyed it very much. And, since I know the guy very well, I thought I might add my two cents' worth. By way of explanation, I have been... George A.H. October 1949
Eight Points to Family Harmony AFTER the enthusiasm of my first year of sobriety, I found myself with a continued sincere desire to stay sober but my family relationship started to deteriorate in much argument, bickering and fussing with my wife and two children. After six or... C.R.V. October 1949
Another Miracle TWO years ago this summer, two members of our small Indiana city group went to the county jail to call on a man who had requested the judge to give him a sentence therein so that he might stop drinking. He had expressed an interest in AA also and he... D.L.B. October 1949