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Speak for Yourself A STATEMENT that carried a lot of weight with me the first time I heard it at an AA meeting was "The opinions expressed are my own. . ." This line of thinking I could go for. All my life prior to finding Alcoholics Anonymous I had been motivated by... Mac November 1949
Don't Humor Him JUST recently an AA wife asked me if I thought wives should humor and baby their AA husbands on the chance that, if they didn't, the bum might take a drink. My answer was no, and by that I meant an AA wife should regard the usual rules of give and... E.M.F. November 1949
The Fly in the Hardsauce WHEN I was on the verge of adolescence, a philosophical old tramp passed our country school one recess and, testing what results were being got with the taxpayers' money, held court by the roadside. He propounded a question which he seemed to think... V. S. November 1949
The Human Story Dear Mother: I'm so busy packing that I don't have much time to write. But I know you'll want to know what's taken place the last two weeks. You can be proud of your son--it's truly a miracle, especially after the many heartbreaking times Lee has... November 1949
Two-year-old Thoughts MANY things have happened during my two years of sobriety. For one thing I notice that where kidding took place about AA two years ago, there is now almost a reverend admiration. And people--I used to resent some intensely--but the change I know by... H. McK. November 1949
Perhaps Only a Woman Can Understand As wives of AA members, we are, you might say, "the helpers of the helpers." This is our role and we gladly accept it. Like our husbands, we feel we have grown in mind and spirit through contact with AA, and as we share with them the blessings it... K.C. November 1949
Christmas. . . . ON CHRISTMAS morning the man woke up in the Place for Drunks and his wrists were tied down by the bed. His soul turned over with a retch and shrank away from any certain knowledge of time and place that waited beyond his closed eyes. Overhead he... December 1949
Right at the Moment "I DON'T need spiritual help," he said, "I can get along fine, just the way we are, right here." It sounded funny, for we knew he had a sound grasp of the Program--yet he seemed to mean it. We were driving home from a visit to a group in a nearby... Anonymous December 1949
The Three Wise Men THE Sales Manager leaned back in his chair and gazed out the window at the snow--topped buildings. It was two weeks till Christmas. A wry smile creased his face as his thoughts drifted back to other yuletide seasons when he had drunk deep of the... December 1949
The Greatest Gift "I just saw 'em pick Santa Claus out of the gutter and cart him away. Dead drunk he was!" So spoke the little man as he let himself in out of the December chill. Everyone up and down the bar grinned--or grunted. There was a wise crack or two. The... December 1949