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The Slipper FOLLOWING the recent presentation in The A.A. Grapevine of Dr. Samuel Johnson as an alcoholic, research into the plays of Shakespeare has given reasonable grounds for putting forward the suggestion that he too had his problem. That is, of course, if... S. December 1949
Heed the Warning! PROBABLY the most abrupt realization that the oft-repeated warning to attend meetings faithfully cannot be taken lightly comes to men returning to prison. It is the writer's hope that such will never be your experience. Men who have had AA... Pen Pal December 1949
Clues to Sobriety Just as alcoholism is a progressive disease, so is sobriety a progressive delight. Manifestations of pleasurable dryness may best be measured in the early morning hours, by a set of standard indications which, by and large, are universal in their... December 1949
Slipper's Guide and Check List So you have been coming to AA for awhile and you are thinking about taking "just one little drink"? You have (sad to say) heard somebody talk about "just a little slip." So maybe you'll just "take a little one." Also, you can further cooperate in... P.D. December 1949
Consider the Old Timers-- CONSIDER A.A. "old timers"--those fellows who've been continuously dry and happy for four, five, six or more years. Everybody takes them for granted. They have no problems! Or have they? The No. 1 problem, drinking, has "receded" almost to the... June 1949
Does the "Oldtimer" Have Problems DOES the "old timer," the individual who has been a member from upwards of three or four years have a problem? Is the problem really any different from that confronting his juniors; if it is not, how may the problem be solved? Or, better yet, may... R.F.S. September 1949
Apply the Principles to New Fields EVEN a quick look at the world today reveals an endless variety of economic, political and cultural conditions that are crying for correction. In too many areas agnosticism, frustration and cynical brutality are the order of the day. Many causes for... Bob D. November 1949
Drinking's Not the Problem ALTHOUGH a good many of us and a good many publishers have come to the opinion that enough books about alcoholism and alcoholics have been written for a time at least, here is one that offers a new approach and that has a special use value to... December 1949
What Difference? "SOMEWHERE I heard an A.A. talk and he said, 'I don't know if I'm not drinking because I'm so happy or, so happy because I'm not drinking.' I guess it doesn't make much difference which situation is the correct one so long as you're happy." A.A. Tribune January 1949
Be Sure "LET each of us be diligent about taking the inventory--but be sure it is our own and not the other fellow's." Dallas A.A. Bulletin January 1949