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No Surgery "THERE is no surgery by which a new idea can be grafted to a closed mind. Nature couldn't make us perfect so she did the next best thing; she made us blind to our faults." J.H. Camel Club Chronicle February 1949
Temporary "IN the A.A. business you are stockholder, board of directors, general chairman, policy committee and executive Pooh-Bah. You answer to no one but yourself. No one has ever failed in this business if he has been honest. In another business, an... Dubuque Alanews February 1949
Let Us Examine "LET us never brand the man who fails as a deserter. Rather let us examine the quality of our leadership as sponsors. The mark of the deserter may be much nearer home." Dubuque Alanews April 1949
Short Takes I am thankful to be released from alcohol, but I am more thankful to be bound by the responsibilities of sobriety. May 1949
Short Takes LEARN from the mistakes of others--you don't live long enough to make them all yourself. Jefferson City Weekly May 1949
No More MANY times I have heard new members say, after attending a few meetings, that they were redeemed now and would never drink again. I always think of that little saying that you can't go from heel to halo in three weeks. Jefferson City Weekly May 1949
No Greater Love "AFTER one has wallowed in the mire and then finds that there are still those who love him, those who will help him pick himself up from the gutter, then one can realize how much the same persons must have loved him before he tripped on staggering... The Camel Club Chronicle June 1949
Short Takes NO man is ever entirely useless--he can always serve as a horrible example. Alky Ally July 1949
Short Takes I am thankful to silence the voice of the braggart in my wishful thought, but I am more thankful to speak the value of a proper worth in my secret soul. August 1949
Litany I am thankful to be freed from an insecure sense of personal inadequacy, but I am more thankful for a proper sense of self-reliance. August 1949