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Short Takes Let's not spend all our spare time informing the newcomer--let's save a little of it to remind ourselves. The Lifeline November 1949
Short Takes A disgruntled AA is a man who has taken moral inventory of himself and got sore about it. The Alanon News December 1949
Happy Reflection TO me, A.A. is my mirror of a past which reflects a happy way of life, with wondrous gratefulness. To me, to admit being an alcoholic wanting sobriety opens the door to A.A. Complete surrender to that admission is a foundation for freedom from drink... L.W.A. January 1949
A Great Mistake "EASY does it: One of the greatest mistakes in life and especially the spiritual life is hurry. We are always in such a hurry to reach the end, to be perfect. We are perfectionists, but perfection takes time. Half the secret of success in learning... Alky Ally January 1949
Few Have a Chance FEW of us have a chance to make a dramatic spectacle of turning our lives over to God. We live our humdrum lives out in a petty round. A chance to risk our life to save another, a great renunciation of something or someone we love comes seldom, if... L.J. January 1949
A Paradox WHEN I was serving time in our state prison for alcoholism I dreamed of breaking out of the place--anything to get relief from the awful confinement. Little did I think that the time would ever come when I would want to break back in, or would feel... Bob P. January 1949
Earth-shaking "In this Atomic Age, many of us have come to look for earth-shaking news. Well, here's a little item that's not quite earth-shaking--but it's bed-shaking, anyway. The item concerns Keefe & Keefe, an organization which has just produced an... Retailing January 1949
Sober But Not Happy I'M missing something somewhere. I'm sober--but I'm not happy about it. I know I'm an alcoholic. No doubt about that. I know I have to stop and stay stopped. My intelligence tells me that A.A. is the answer. The whole thing makes sense to me and I... J.M. February 1949
Pickled Pigeons "THE first members of Airborne Alcoholics Anonymous--a flock of Boston pigeons--hovered dizzily over staid Beacon Hill recently. Dizziness of the pigeons was occasioned by a gin-spiked mash set out for the birds by Beacon Hill residents. A group of... Medina, N.Y. Journal Register February 1949
Thoughts for the Newcomer-- LET us analyze some of our alcoholic characteristics. Among them is fear, and fear eats out the heart, warps the mind, and destroys the body. It is a killer, so toward fear it is not a question of "live and let live," it is a question of kill or get... P.S.H. February 1949