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Nagged Rats "EVEN a rat can be nagged into becoming a drunkard. By doing it to a lot of rats, British scientists believe they may get on the trail of a new cure for alcoholism. 'It's quite easy to give an animal a taste for alcohol by making it worried--by... Associated Press February 1949
Soused Mouse "CLARENCE LANE, Galesburg, Ill., police station custodian, said today that he found a drunken mouse living in a nearly-empty whiskey bottle. The mouse was too big to get out of the open end of the bottle, so Mr. Lane broke it. The mouse tried to run... United Press February 1949
Dying Embers "A CERTAIN sponsor was worried over a backslider who once had been a regular attendant at meetings. He went to the man's home and found him sitting at an open fire. Without saying a word the sponsor took up the tongs, lifted a glowing coal from the... A.A. Co-ordinator February 1949
Novels Human Relationships The Sermon on the Mount--Emmet Fox (Harper) Quiet Talks on Power--S.D. Gordon (Grosset and Dunlap) How you can Help Other People--S.M.Shoemaker (Dutton) Science's Witness For Religion The Return to Religion--Henry C.Link (... February 1949
Courage A TRUE story that makes you stop and think is this one, and it may give you new courage. It's a story of courage and kindness. It's about two A.A.s who live in Fort Payne, Ala. One member of that group is physically handicapped. Without help he... L.J. March 1949
You Never Know ONE Sunday afternoon after having been on the A.A. Program and sober for six months, I decided to make a call on an old drinking partner of mine. When I arrived at our Sunday hideout, the sight that met my eyes was very familiar except that there... G.V. March 1949
The Solution "ALL too many of us have an emotional hangover from early life that creates in us an unbalance, a feeling of unnamed fear, which encourages us to take flight into drink. Understanding this, and then fortifying ourselves with the impetus of faith we... The Screwball March 1949
How to Answer I WONDER if any other A.A. has run up against this problem? Because I can chalk up only one real bender to the list of my alcoholic experiences and can honestly say that I have never reached for "that first one" the morning after, it is difficult... P.K. March 1949
Handy "THE Baltimore, Md., Group of Alcoholics Anonymous has moved its offices into Bromo-Seltzer Tower. The secretary--you should ask his name--explained the group has outgrown its old offices. It now has a membership of 500 men and women. The headache... Associated Press March 1949
A.A.s Can Learn From Others WE in Alcoholics Anonymous can also learn from others. I saw a man learning how to live the other morning. I was trudging to work when it happened. A sudden clatter claimed my attention. Ahead, I noted a young man in apparent anger. He had partly... L.W.A. March 1949