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Wine Comes High "It was in poor taste for a drunk to steal an electrical deodorizer from the men's room of Alcoholics Anonymous of Greater St. Louis, 5709 Waterman Boulevard, but it was even worse when he attempted to sell it to police for a radio. "Police,... The Dispatch August 1949
I Am Thankful I am thankful to be free from the undefined fears with which I traveled, but I am more thankful to walk in the shadow of known fears today. I am thankful to be released from spiteful envy of the talents of others, but I am more thankful to be... August 1949
Peace in Prison WHAT can A.A. do for prisoners? One A.A. member and former prison inmate writes: ". . .You can understand that when I first heard of the A.A. Program, I wasn't particularly interested. To me it was merely a way to be released from my cell for two... August 1949
Who? Me? TWO of us were answering a 12th Step call. We pushed the bell and the door opened to reveal a sorry looking man peering at us through red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes. He was extremely nervous, but very polite. We said we were from A A and he invited us... September 1949
Fourth Step? A LITTLE colored boy walked into a drug store down South and asked the "Doc" if he could use the 'phone. He called his number and his end of the conversation could easily be overheard. "How'do, Miz Johnson," the eager voice said into the mouthpiece... September 1949
Welcome! IF any Pilgrim Monk come from distant parts, with wish as guest to dwell in the Monastery; and will be content with the customs he find in the place; and does not perchance by his lavishness, disturb the Monastery, but is simply content with what he... The rule of St. Benedict September 1949
Or Maybe AA? THE famous Third Ave. bar in New York, featured in Lost Weekend has been sold and will become an antique shop. Maybe the picture had that effect on it. New York World Telegram September 1949
The Gentleman From Vermont A FEW months ago I attended the convention at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Friday evening I visited the headquarters in the Mount Royal Hotel. In the salon I started a conversation with an affable gentleman who told me that he originally came from... G.F.G. October 1949
AAA Displaced By AA AFTER more than 30 years as the first listing in the Wilkes-Barre telephone directory, the American Automobile Association has been displaced by Alcoholics Anonymous. Displacement of the automobile club to second position in the book came about... The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader October 1949
Shhhhhhh! OUR Rio de Janeiro Group had been permitted to meet in a room of the Associacao Federacao Brasileira da Imprensa building (Brazilian Press Association) as we had then, as now, no permanent headquarters. Occasionally officials checked up on strange... J.E.T. October 1949