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Compulsive The man we engaged to drill an artesian well when we bought an old house in the hills of Connecticut seemed bored with the whole thing; all we could get out of him were brief reports on the depth reached. However, when he reached the 100-foot level... Reader's Digest October 1949
Sidebar OH Lord, help me to utilize the chosen Steps making each day my single goal. Help me to exercise their precepts, learning a way that keeps me whole. Let me draw happiness from my day, sharing this feeling with another. Let me store wisdom in AA,... J.A.L. November 1949
Individualist! THERE have been many instances to prove that alcoholics, even after they've achieved sobriety, still retain some of their eccentricities and much of the delightful charm of the screwball. Recently Tom and Joe, two AA stalwarts who split about evenly... November 1949
Feather in the Wind YOU ask, how about open-mindedness? Someone has said, "to be completely open-minded is to be like a feather in the wind, blown about from here to there and never finding a place to light." If one is completely open-minded and always agrees with what... J.C.H. November 1949
What Makes AA Work? IF you are inclined to "analyze" the Program, take it apart to see what makes it work, you might remember a certain botanist. He found a beautiful plant by the wayside, whipped out his microscope, and set about tearing the lovely flower apart. In a... December 1949
Sidebar RALPH Waldo Emerson once said, "Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing." Perhaps that explains why so many people are amazed at AA's success. Certainly the problem of alcoholism has plagued civilization ever since that... December 1949
DR. Johnson Again! READING that interesting article in the September issue of The A.A. Grapevine on the great Samuel Johnson, reminded me of this crack about drinking attributed to the good doctor. He was asked by a dowager-type dame "why men drink so much as to make... December 1949
No More Tippling! WITH bloodshot eyes and trembling paws the drinking dogs of Prestwich, England, scuttled into their favorite saloons. They got a shock. Their drinks are cut off. Dr. C.H.T. Wade, health officer, said he wave of tippling by dogs at the local pubs has... Associated Press December 1949
The Individual Do the 12 Traditions of AA have any special meaning for the individual? Are they important to you and to me, personally, or are they significant merely as they help us to make sound group decisions? My own feeling is that they have personal as well... R.B. November 1949
The Group Anyone who has shared the early pains of a new group will undoubtedly agree that here is one place in the development of AA where experience is vital. To be sure, many groups have been founded and nursed through infancy the hard way--without benefit... T.D. November 1949