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Complete Card File In answer to the request by the editors of The A.A. Grapevine for suggestions from women alcoholics, we feel that we are justifiably proud of what has been accomplished here in San Diego, Calif. We are happy to share our experience with other women'... Women's Group June 1948
The Alcoholic Approaches Middle Age To grow older serenely and happily is a great achievement for even the most balanced person. For us alcoholics it is a triumph. A part of everyone's personality, in varying degrees, revolts against growing up at all, and the much thicker problem of... X.L. May 1948
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad WITHOUT that "first drink," unless one is perfectly stupid, the mind becomes so fresh and clear, and reasoning is so possible, who would wish to return to the fog and stupor of drink? X.Y.Z. July 1949
Mail Call for All A.A.s in the Armed Forces "I have just returned to the States after 20 months overseas, during which time my only contact with the group has been The Grapevine-- (but what a refreshing contact that was!). And, as in most other things these days, remarkable changes have taken... Y. G. April 1945
Mail Call for All A.A.s in the Armed Forces In answer to our D-day letter, that old raconteur, Warrant Officer Norman M., shot one back at us from the South Pacific in near record time. His letter, dated June 15, enclosed as an exchange copy for The Grapevine an amusing Picture Supplement to... Y.G. August 1944
Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad WHY lose the first enthusiasm after being a member of A.A. a few months? Isn't the need for sobriety just as great after six months, a year, or many years as when we first entered the new way of life? To me, yes. The fact should never leave us for a... Z.S. March 1949