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The Arena AT one of the first AA meetings that I attended with my husband I was touched by the way a lady member to whom we were introduced suddenly left her chair beside me and went to sit on the other side of my husband. I thought that she wanted to give... C.T. December 1949
The Arena THE article by J.O. in the October issue of The A.A. Grapevine clearly demonstrates how much of the AA philosophy a person can get by the "hop-skip-and-jump" method. A thorough study of Steps 2 through 11 will, we believe, eliminate the critical... C.B. December 1949
The Arena THE writer of "A Little Bit Nettled" says: "Anyway, I felt free to try (the running broad jump from Step 1 to 12) because I believe Bill meant what he said in 'Medicine Looks at AA': 'Most strongly we point out that adherence to these principles is... W.J.R. December 1949
The Arena WHEN I read, "This Could Be Your Group," by H.S., my instinctive reaction was, "Oh! Oh! Somebody's ego's hurt," and "Somebody's feeling sorry for himself." However, remembering Live and Let Live, I resisted the temptation to write offering my... J.A.D. December 1949
The Arena ON page 9 of the gorgeously turned out September issue of The A. A. Grapevine appears a 2 1/2 page complaint by H.S. of Charlotte, N. Car., regarding his treatment during a visit out of town. I know how he felt--I have been in similar situations... Charlie S. December 1949
The Arena LOOK, fellows--you are all AAs, and no matter what town group you are in, whether it be New York or Nyssa, Oregon, you are a member of that group for that night. Whenever you visit another group, look around before and after the meeting and pick out... Doc December 1949