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The Clip Sheet Chicago, Ill., Sun: "Sipping tea rather than drinking old-fashioneds and Martinis at cocktail parties is the future in store for a group of prominent Chicago businessmen. . . . "They feel that holding cocktail parties is a bad example to the younger... July 1946
Over-all percentages The Minneapolis Group, in March, 1943, inaugurated a system for keeping a record of the sobriety of members from three months on up. As a result, the following exact percentages have been arrived at: For the Year 1945 5-yr. members 100% successful 0... August 1946
The Clip Sheet Brockton, Mass., Enterprise and Times: "Aid for returned war veterans who have taken to drink is being provided by Alcoholics Anonymous, it was pointed out at the meeting of the Brockton group. . . . "It was brought out that veterans of the first... August 1946
The Clip Sheet Manitowoc, Wis., Herald-Times: "An alcoholic, as distinguished from a normal drinker, is a person who drinks even when he doesn't want to, a representative of Alcoholics Anonymous told members of the Wisconsin Public Welfare association at their... August 1946
The Clip Sheet Impressions of a first meeting in A.A. were published in the New York Herald-Tribune July 1 in the form of a letter to the editor from a new member of the St. Petersburg, Fla., group. The opening and closing paragraphs of the letter as published in... August 1946
The Clip Sheet Milwaukee, Wis., Sentinel: "What the movie censors are up against is contained in this brief note from an upstate client who in red ink, writes: 'The kiss is an intoxicant and like liquor must be abolished from the screen.' Say, I wonder if he knows... September 1946
The Clip Sheet Tulsa, Okla., Tribune: "The Chicago Marriage Committee has made its report on what we might do to stem the tide of divorces that threatens to divide the country more certainly than politics or civil war have ever done. . . . "Drinking was found by... September 1946
The Clip Sheet Chapel Hill, N. C., Weekly: "James S., the novelist who lives in Chapel Hill, is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. . . . "One day recently he got a telephone call from a fellow member, a business man in a town not far from here,' who felt the mania... September 1946
The Clip Sheet Indianapolis, Ind., Star: "Indianapolis women who formed their own group of Alcoholics Anonymous a year ago report that there have been few slips among those who have decided to stop drinking. Ages of the women in the group are from 24 to 55 years.... September 1946
The Clip Sheet Elberton, Ga., Star: "Drinking far outranked all other male faults in a recent Gallup Poll of the ten worst faults of husbands and wives. Among wives' faults drinking was number four, while nagging was number one. "From wide experience with... September 1946