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A. A. at Camp Peary Operation of the plan (Alcoholics Anonymous), at Camp Peary, an officer from the base declared, at a big open meeting in Richmond, already has resulted in much good in its aid to officers in solving the problem of Navy men getting drunk on leave and... July 1944
Central Office Notes Jan. 7, 1944 Shop--Pearl Harbor Dear Central Office: Received your letter of Dec. 27 and the list of groups yesterday, and your letter of Dec. 29 with the clippings, today. You have no idea how much your letters mean. . . . I was feeling very low... July 1944
Do You Know: Although it seems alcoholics shouldn't drink together--or at all, for that matter--they are deriving considerable benefit and pleasure from eating together. Virtually every section of Manhattan is the scene of one or more A.A. luncheon groups which... July 1944
Time on Your Hands The heated term is among us and the "ole swimmin' hole" sends forth its appeal, so gather your trunks or midriff model and hie yourself to one of the many Jersey or Long Island beaches for a dose of vitamin-giving sunshine, or take a train to Rye... July 1944
Grapevine Finances The Editors of The Grapevine feel that its readers and contributors are entitled to know the costs of putting the paper out. Our first issue cost $187.10 of which $86.00 went for the printing of 1200 copies; $79.38 paid for the masthead and the... Ed. July 1944
Editorial: During nine years in A.A. I have observed that those who follow the Alcoholics Anonymous program with the greatest earnestness and zeal, not only maintain sobriety, but often acquire finer characteristics and attitudes as well. One of these is... Dr. Bob of Akron July 1944
Alcoholics Give Famous Producer Moving Experience There are a few unforgettable experiences that take permanent place in memory and become a continuing source of enrichment--the first dollar I was given as a child and which I promptly spent on an ugly hassock, as a present for my mother; the day I... Arthur Hopkins August 1944
Editorial: Funny thing after all these years. . .but it seems I haven't known too much about A.A. and what it really meant until just lately. And I suppose I shall go on as long as I live, and remain in A.A., feeling from week to week, month to month, and... D. S. August 1944
Central Office Notes P.O. Box 459, Honolulu Jan. 23, 1944 Dear Central Office: Received your letter and the 2 books and pamphlets today. Thanks a million. . .we can sure use them--8 or 9 people have read the one book we had, and everyone is crying for a copy for... August 1944
Time on Your Hands So many of us, as we emerge from the abyss of alcoholism, are aware of barren, wasted years and missed opportunities. As our minds open little by little and become de-fogged, we are often beset by the grim gremlins of regret when we realize that the... August 1944