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Philip Wylie Jabs a Little Needle Into Complacency An editor of The Grapevine called on me and asked for a piece. He asked because I'd recently reviewed a book about a drunk--Charles Jackson's The Lost Weekend. He thought that what I'd said in the review showed I had an interest in alcoholics. I... Philip Wylie September 1944
Bill's Comments on Wylie Ideas, Hunches Philip Wylie's piece in this issue of The Grapevine will endear the man to every A.A. And why? Because, of course, he's so very alcoholic! Neither can anyone miss the author's generous and self-sacrificing spirit. Forgetting his own worldly... Bill W. September 1944
Scientist Discusses 2 Points Raised By Wylie's Article Point 1: The present scientific view of the connection between epilepsy and alcoholism may be stated briefly as follows: There is a much greater percentage of excessive drinkers among epileptics than among the general population. The use of alcohol... E. M. Jellinek September 1944
Central Office Notes P.O. Box 459, Honolulu Feb. 24, 1944 Dear Central Office: Thought it about time to send in another communication from the Pacific area. . . . We have been working long hours and A.A. has now come out of its swaddling clothes--it takes up quite a bit... E.G. September 1944
Time on Your Hands? In discussing hobbies with some cronies recently, it transpired that those who, in one opinion, are the steadiest and most integrated members confessed that they had no time or desire for any hobby other than A.A. We are all aware that A.A. is a way... September 1944
A. A. in Australia In the A.A. pamphlet, a letter is reprinted from the Central Office to a doctor in Australia. He wrote it over a year ago asking for information, saying that his dearest wish for years had been to help alcoholics, but that he had not been able to do... September 1944
Committee for Education on Alcoholism Historic Event, Says Dwight Anderson Those who read this issue of The Grapevine are privileged to be present at what may very well prove to be an historic event. The birth of the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, first publicly announced in this issue, means far more than... Dwight Anderson October 1944
Central Office Notes Somebody once said, "As much as you may grow, as many recoveries as there may be, I think the eventual by-products of A.A. will be greater than A.A. itself." Everywhere now, we hear such remarks. They come from all kinds of people. Doctors think of... Bill W. October 1944
A. A. Dinner Versus Pub Crawling. . . Our annual Metropolitan Group dinner, which, in true alcoholic style is sometimes held semi-annually, will have a change of locale this year. So announces the Central Committee. Many eager A.A.s had to be turned away from the last two dinners held... October 1944
Time on Your Hands? In our wet past, we were all too busy drinking like fishes to be able to give any thought or study to our finny prototypes. If this were true in your case, we strongly suggest that you rectify the oversight and get yourself a book on tropical fish;... October 1944