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The Clip Sheet Tulsa, Okla., Tribune: "Tulsa bootleggers are taking an awful beating from one organization in this city. Members of the Tulsa chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous at a meeting recently estimated that when its members quit patronizing bootleggers their... December 1946
The Clip Sheet Syracuse, N. Y., Herald-Journal: "How often have we heard it said that: 'He is a fine fellow but drinks too much. I can not rely on him.' "Thousands of valuable employes have lost their jobs through drinking because in many cases the employe did not... December 1946
The Clip Sheet Batesville, Ark., Guard: "If we were to be given the job of selecting the organization in our community which has contributed the most in the past year to solving the problems of excessive drinking, we would unhesitatingly select the local chapter... December 1946
The Clip Sheet San Quentin, Cal., News (California State Prison): "Modern penal advancements have brought recognition of alcoholism in its true light as a sickness or an element of sickness. A complete cure in all cases rests beyond the boundaries of science and... January 1947
The Clip Sheet Atlantic City, N. J., Press: "Alcoholics Anonymous are starting their fine work right here in Atlantic City. This comes to me in the form of a letter from a member of that unique and commendable organization." January 1947
The Clip Sheet Montpelier, Vt., Argus: "We refer to the state institute for the study of alcohol and alcoholics which is to meet here under the sponsorship of a Vermont committee composed of state officials dealing with health, public welfare, educational and... January 1947
The Clip Sheet New York, N. Y., Herald-Tribune: "Dr. Anton J. Carlson, professor emeritus of physiology at the University of Chicago School of Medicine, speaking at the New York Academy of Medicine on the treatment of chronic alcoholism by the general practitioner... February 1947
The Clip Sheet Council Bluffs, Iowa, Nonpareil: "In a letter to the editor, an A.A. member explained the operation of his organization as follows: "There is no mysterious formula. Just a plain, frank, logical expression of workable ideas which not only have kept... February 1947
The Clip Sheet Montgomery, Ala., Alabama Journal: "At their meeting recently in the City Auditorium, Alcoholics Anonymous heard the former mayor of a city in Florida. This mayor remarked that he believed that he is the only mayor who was ever thrown in his own... February 1947
The Clip Sheet Hartford, Conn., Times: "The State Commission on Alcoholism, using funds authorized by the 1945 General Assembly, has selected Hartford as the location for a hospital for treatment of 20 to 50 alcoholics. "The hospital, first of several planned for... March 1947