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A. A. Goes to Sea Or rather the merchant seamen have discovered A.A.! Just over a year ago, Dr. Florence Powdermaker, a well-known psycho-analyst, sent us a patient--who promptly dried up, pleasing the good doctor no end. Then Dr. Powdermaker put on a Naval uniform... June 1944
The Words of a Dangling Man "Off Again, On Again Finnegan" has a new lot of loyal rooters: the "You're In--You're Out" selective service inductees, aged twenty-six to thirty-eight. For the past six months, on alternate Tuesdays, the Home Editions of the paper you read had us... David R. June 1944
Lives and Man-hours Saved by Coast A. A. We all know that A.A. saves lives. But in war-time, and in the country that is "the arsenal of democracy," man-hours saved in war industries also save lives--soldiers' lives. And A.A. is saving man-hours, too--in big chunks. The Central Office has... Richmond Independent, June 21, 1944 August 1944
Five Alcoholics Looking for the Perfect Pitch More and more musicians and show people are getting into A.A. In our New York group, we have a young orchestra. Rudy is the greatest French horn player in the country. Koussevitzky said that his solo in Tschaikovsky's Fifth has never been surpassed... August 1944
Do You Know: Gabbing as is our wont, the other evening at air-conditioned Stewarts, after a Thursday closed meeting, an A.A. member asked why we didn't have one regular closed meeting for older members only. "That is," he said, "people who've been in A.A. at... August 1944
Do You Know: It was in Washington in the Spring that the telephone technique of A.A. saved me from a tumble. I had just accepted an invitation to dinner from an old bingeing companion who had laughed gaily when I told him not to order extra liquor as I was "not... J.A.D. September 1944
Rudy, Pee Wee, Paula, Peggy & Johnny In last month's issue the story was told of Rudy, the greatest French horn player in the country, his friend Pee Wee, one of the finest hot trumpet players, and Paula, who is Russian, not Polish as we mistakenly reported last month. Let's see what... September 1944
Do You Know: How often have you heard it said, "I was too busy to make the meeting last night," or, "I was so darn tired I just couldn't get there"? Of course, either one of these two may hold true, but too often they are indications of the beginning of a return... R. K. F. October 1944
Editorial: The A.A. program itself is simple. Why do too many of us try to read complexities and mysteries into the 12 steps? In our drinking days our lives were complex and confused. We were unable to be honest with ourselves and we rationalized our wrong... Earl T. October 1944
The Meditations of Old MR. Perelman on "Dynamic Drunks In my painful profession, the sole point of which is to juxtapose familiar words into an unfamiliar pattern and thereby maintain a full head of steam in the boilers of my dependents, I have been thrown into contact with countless newspapermen. Most... S. J. Perelman November 1944