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The Master Drunk (Ed. note--The following is "lifted," with thanks, from "The Islander," published by inmates at the Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institution, San Pedro, Calif. Its subject matter was news to us, and we pass it along without further comment... May 1958
OBSOLETE CONCEPTS MUST GO NEW hope and new help for "the sick drinker" is offered in three recent important medical journals. They indicate that the year 1953 may well mark within the ranks of organized medicine the broadest educational project ever known in the field of... March 1953
Helping Hands PERSONALITY CHANGE: "The strength and vitality of Alcoholics Anonymous may be due to the fact that they have discovered the 'cue lines' which are necessary to start the emotional reaction that results in a changed personality," says Warden Paul R.... April 1956
Helping Hands A LOOK AT THE RECORD: Almost 500 alcoholics in the District of Columbia have been rehabilitated through the municipal court in cooperation with AA, according to a report by Robert J. Conner, assistant director of probation, reprinted in the... June 1956
Helping Hands NEW ILLINOIS PROGRAM: A new "Commission on the Care of Alcoholics" was recently approved by the Illinois General and Governor William G. Stratton. The commission will investigate the facilities available in the state to care for the increasing... July 1956
Helping Hands WARNING AGAINST "PEACE PILLS": The American Psychiatric Association has become disturbed over the tremendous consumption of so-called "peace pills" by alcoholics and others who seek artificial aids to relaxation. The pills--containing highly-... August 1956
Helping Hands CASE HISTORY: "Mr. J. came in desperate about his wife's alcoholism. A friend had insisted that she join AA. She was disgusted and horrified and rebelled against the very thought. . . After Mr. J. had gained some knowledge of the true facts... September 1956
Helping Hands EGO AND SKID ROW: According to the widespread belief, the majority of derelicts on Skid Row got there through drink. Also according to widespread belief (in AA) one of the outstanding characteristics of the alcoholic is his unbridled ego. Now an... October 1956
Helping Hands NEW AID FOR ALCOHOLICS: Scientists are experimenting with a new drug which "penalizes an alcoholic unfailingly if he lakes a drink but treats him kindly if he doesn't," reports Delos Smith, United Press Science Editor. Mr. Smith says that the... November 1956
Helping Hands ALCOHOL MAKES LAME BRAINS: At AA meetings, one often hears the expression, "we're all here because we're not all there." A prominent scientist--Dr. Frederick Lemere of the University of Washington School of Medicine at Seattle--has just concluded a... December 1956