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From Within These Walls TODAY we live in a world stunned by sorrow. The grief of millions hangs over us like a pall. We are all seeking a new beginning. In our present disappointments and bewilderments, we are at a loss as to just where we must start or what we should do... H. R. January 1953
Helping Hands THE BEST WAY TO RECOVER: Within the past ten or twelve years, there has been a great deal of discussion and controversy over various medical methods which have been proposed to treat the alcoholic, says Raymond G. McCarthy, associate professor of... January 1957
Various Tests Given A PICTURE OF THE ALCOHOLIC as a person who usually has certain definite personality and body-function traits is emerging from research at the State University's Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. The portrait resulting from this particular... January 1958
Outside AA The following question-and-answer is reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association of May 25, 1957--Ed. TO THE EDITOR: I have read much on the acceptance of alcoholism as a disease but have always felt that this is a moral or social... M. D. January 1959
Spirituality ATHEISTIC, arrogant, egotistical and intolerant as I was, and further, armed with a few years certain knowledge of the fact that I am an alcoholic, made my surrender, after a practical --drunken --raging --drunken --cunning --drunken --methodical --... O. B. January 1952
90-day Trial MUCH of what you will hear in AA is quite different from what most of us expected. Some of the suggestions given are directly opposed to your habits of the past. Even our AA language is strange; it may often seem to be contradictory yet some of our... January 1959
It's Catching! January 1956
Cartoons January 1959
Cartoons January 1959
Cartoons January 1959