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Outside AA The following question-and-answer is reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association of May 25, 1957--Ed. TO THE EDITOR: I have read much on the acceptance of alcoholism as a disease but have always felt that this is a moral or social... M. D. January 1959
Outside AA THE PRESENCE AMONG US of many hundreds of thousands of "hidden alcoholics"--whose real problem is largely concealed, even from those closest to them--has now definitely been established by scientific studies which make it possible to describe a "... March 1959
Outside AA THE NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM will hold its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 18, 19 and 20, NCA announces. The theme of the 1959 Conference will be "Counter Attack Against Alcoholism." A workshop on the homeless and... March 1959
Outside AA ABOUT 700,000 of the nation's 41/2 million alcoholics are women, says Dr. Edith S. Lisansky, Yale psychologist. Most women alcoholics, according to her study, fall into the "respectable" rather than the "public nuisance" class because they drink at... New York World Telegram & Sun March 1959
FROM CANADA. . . FROM THE U.S. . . . "It must be remembered that, unless some amazing research discovery is made, no one revolutionary development ever takes place in this work, but it is a growing and very noticeable crescendo of general interest and action on the... April 1959
Outside AA THE North American Association of Alcoholism Programs, formerly the National States' Conference on Alcoholism, was founded in 1949 as the result of a suggestion by Dr. E. M. Jellinek, one of the foremost scientific authorities in the alcoholism... May 1959
Outside AA AA WAS FRONT-PAGE NEWS in the Sunday edition of the New York Times recently in a story reporting a Bellevue Hospital psychiatrist's plea to members of the medical profession to take a good look at the AA program since it had "far surpassed medical... August 1959
Outside AA (Ed. note--The following is excerpted from an article by Dr. Josip Dojc, Yugoslavian psychiatrist and head of alcoholism treatment at the Zagreb Institute. In response to his inquiry three years ago, GSO sent him literature; he also receives the "... Zagreb October 1959
Outside AA (Ed. note--we publish the following as a mildly amusing bit of evidence that there are many sides to the problem. Also, it came almost in the same mail and was not to be resisted.) Dear Friends, As a Baptist pastor in a district abundantly rich in... A. B. October 1959
Outside AA IN an analysis of 1,434 divorces in Philadelphia, excessive drinking was charged in twenty-one per cent of the cases. It was a more frequent complaint (though it is not a legal ground for divorce in Pennsylvania) than cruelty, adultery, bigamy,... The Des Moines Register And Tribune November 1959