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!. . .I Forgot. . .I Am Sick, Too. . .! GOSSIPING about others is one of the easiest ways of pulling out the foundation blocks of your own sobriety. Today I found myself arguing heatedly with another AA regarding someone who hadn't done a job they were supposed to do--or I should say what... M. C. June 1956
---Can't Put My Finger on the Key--- I OUGHT to know a lot about AA--but I don't. I have seen it work successfully on 200 different drunks, regardless of age, sex, color, creed, contour or bank account. I don't know what makes it "click" with such regularity. I still can't put my... Anonymous March 1950
--Every One Hath a Revelation-- AROUND Thanksgiving, 1944, while still in the throes of a six week drunk, I asked the friend who had previously brought the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, to me to let me take it again. While I was trying to read it I admitted to God that I had made a... C.B. December 1950
-And Powerless Over Alcoholics, Too IT CAME TO MY ATTENTION recently, that an anonymous alcoholic objected, strenuously, to non-alcoholics (Al-Anon's families and wives of alcoholics) using AA's twelve steps. At first impulse I wanted to drop the subject into a deep well, and leave it... A. H. February 1957
. . . . We Mean to Write One Story. . . IT has been said that the life of everyone is a diary in which they mean to write one story, but proceed to write another. Their humblest hour is when they compare the book as it is, with what they had hoped to make it. The comparison, of course,... E. L. January 1953
. . . From the Notebook of an Alcoholic I AM looking back to that day in P-- when I tried to put into practice that familiar admonition, count your blessings. But I had said to myself, I have no blessings. I cannot think of a single one. Oh sure, I'm alive. But what's the good of being... T. D. November 1959
. . . Restore Us to Sanity "RESTORE": to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor. . .this fact we "came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could" do for our brains. . .i.e., "restore us to sanity." It is obvious that any evil pursuit we might engage... Walt K. July 1956
. . ."Having One Primary Purpose IN the Twelve Steps of our Recovery Program, the words Power, God and pronoun Him is used nine times, and in the Twelve Traditions there is a constant trend, calling attention to the Deity in phrases such as "A loving God," "Spiritual entity," "... Doc. November 1950
. . .A Timely Spiritual Touch. . . SOMETIMES, when a fellow is looking down a road that seems desolate and dark, there comes along. . .almost as if it were destined so. . .a timely spiritual touch that enhances every value of life and human association. One came to me, in a letter... E.L.S. August 1950
. . .And Became Willing A MONTH or so ago, while leading a meeting, I found myself closing with a few words on the subject of willingness. Both speakers had referred to this particular quality of spirit which is so essential to our success in the attainment of sobriety. It... B. E. July 1956