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Editorial February 1950 AA is not an endurance contest! Old-timers will tell you that the quality of growth, not mere length of time, is the only true measure of sobriety. They will assure you that sobriety is a state of mind, not a chemical analysis--nor check marks on a... February 1950
Editorial Carved evidence of childish egos. There are many places where we can properly make our mark, for all the world to see. But let's not mar the doorway to AA. Too many others still need to walk through it. Anonymity is the key outside the door for all... March 1950
Editorial ONLY last month AA's everywhere were taking bows for newspaper editorials extolling us for our Tradition of declining outside contributions. This month comes a reluctant announcement from the Foundation--see page 15. We were $17,000 short in 1949--... May 1950
Editorial The Midwest! A great nation's breadbasket! And A A s birthplace! There's an historic rightness in devoting the Grapevine's first 'sectional' issue to this area--and to the fine A A is it has produced! They, in turn, have produced a really excellent... June 1950
Editorial AA meeting room, 1950 International Convention style! The huge Cleveland Public Auditorium is a far cry from an Akron kitchen. Yet as Bill and Dr. Bob step before the throng which will fill this great hall, they will be remembering. It will be a... July 1950
Editorial Down where Cotton is King, bourbon and good corn likker are at least Crown Princes! The fine art of drinking like ladies and gentlemen has always been a traditional part of the South's gracious way of life. However, the famous line drawn by Messrs.... August 1950
Editorial AA has had a significant summer, an historic one in fact. We flexed our muscles a bit at Cleveland, pausing to admire ourselves as 'a big international movement'. Now it's September. Each Fall has meant more drunks pounding on our door. Our large... September 1950
Editorial "Go West, young man, go West!" On Mr. Greely's advice they went that 'a way by the thousands and history records a bright era of adventure in America. Today, descendants of those pioneers report, in this issue, a discovery more valuable than the... October 1950
Editorial The noble gobbler symbolizes America's earliest tradition. And its simplest. Where the Pilgrim Fathers knelt in the snow in 1621, they gave thanks not for great bounty but merely for the food which meant survival. AA Traditions are rooted in the... November 1950
The Serenity Prayer AT long last the mystery of the Serenity Prayer has been solved! We have learned who wrote it, when it was written and how it came to the attention of the early members of AA. We have learned, too, how it was originally written, a bit of information... January 1950