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Of Interest to You Dr. Bob and I have been asked by the Cleveland-Akron Groups and by the Trustees of The Alcoholic Foundation of New York to announce: THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. This gathering of our fellowships will be held at... Bill W. April 1950
CHICAGO DAILY NEWS THE Intergroup Association of AA of New York, Inc. recently found itself on the horns of a rather pleasant dilemma. It was faced with accepting or rejecting a sizeable legacy. . .$10,000, which had been willed to it by a wealthy woman, an early... April 1950
Cleveland, Here We Come! "I'll be there if I have to crawl!" "Practically everybody in the groups in this area is coming. We have already started negotiations for a special car, maybe a whole train!" "We've switched our vacation plans so the whole family will be in... May 1950
Headquarters Highlights THE following is a condensation of a bulletin recently sent to all groups. We reprint it here, believing that it deals with a matter so important that AAs everywhere will want to read it over--and think it over: As the Alcoholics Anonymous movement... May 1950
Anne Smith SOMEHOW we believe Dr. Bob's beloved Anne would prefer this simple tribute beyond all others. It was written by one who knew her well. It came from the bottom of a grateful heart which sensed that extravagant language and trumpeting phrases would... June 1950
A Report for Dr. Bob Since all the fireworks in Cleveland come July 28-30 will be in celebration of Dr. Bob's 15th anniversary--and the birth of AA itself--and since Dr. Bob, at the time this is being written, is recovering in St. Thomas Hospital in Akron--we're... June 1950
Headquarters Highlights (The Alcoholic Foundation is, in effect, a general service board for the AA movement, It publishes the book Alcoholics Anonymous, maintains the General Service Office in New York, guarantees the financial and traditional integrity of The A.A.... June 1950
There Wasn't Time for a Stitch in Nine WE are told that a certain amount of apprehension exists because the large International Conference at Cleveland in July may seriously affect attendance at other regional gatherings near that date; also that the Cleveland Conference has been... Bill W. June 1950
May Humility Be the Keynote! BILL has already labelled our First International Conference this month as AA's 'Coming-of-Age' party! When umpteen thousand ex-drunks assemble in Cleveland under the imposing tag of 'International Conference' we will have our chance to prove that... July 1950
AA and Hospitalization ALL over the country, in both private and public fields of medical jurisdiction, there is great and gratifying growth of interest in physical rehabilitation of alcoholics. The all-important initial boost to the alcoholic's bodily health, that first... July 1950