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Are We Jack AAS? THE temperance lecturer, after an eloquent hour on the "sins of drink" finished off by asking, "If I placed a pail of water and a pail of whisky in front of a hard-working mule, which would he drink?" "The water," came the prompt reply from the... January 1950
The Bad News WE know an AA who waited, in fear and trembling, in the doctor's outer office for a report on a general check-up. The doc, who knew his patient of old, came out of his office reading the chart and frowning mightily. Our boy was scared. "Know what?"... January 1950
Alibi Album NO. 2 I'M TOO BUSY FOR 12TH STEP WORK February 1950
In the "Good" Days IN his drinking days T. O'B. of Jackson Heights, N.Y., had been pretty hard on his family, especially in the morning after a bad night. On this particular morning he was really roaring, giving his wife particular h-- and scaring the children half to... February 1950
Humor You don't have a real hangover until you can't stand the noise made by a Bromo Seltzer. March 1950
Humor The AA group treasurer was at ease after the meeting Sunday night. "Many folks out?" asked his wife. "Yes, good attendance, and a new man was present but I didn't see him." "But how do you know?" "There was a dollar bill in the collection." March 1950
Alibi Album N0. 3 BUT I READ THE BIG BOOK ONCE March 1950
Swines of the Times PAPA Hog wandered down to the brewery and found a big puddle of beer that had been poured out. When he staggered home, Mama Hog met him and quickly shunted him around the barn, out of sight of the baby pigs. With a furious grunt she exclaimed: "You... Central Bulletin March 1950
Humor A MAN who once claimed to have taught his dog both to speak and play poker would never admit that the animal was clever. "No," he would say. "That dog's got no brain. Whenever it gets a 'fullhouse,' the darned little fool wags its tail." A.A. March 1950
Humor First lady: Do you know anything about Alcoholics Anonymous? Second lady: Oh, yes. My husband tells me it's something you get from drinking. The Road Back March 1950