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Alibi Album NO.4 "GO TO AN AA MEETING? SORRY, TOO BUSY." April 1950
How to Say No! AA newcomers, and old-comers too, may wish to borrow the drink-refusing technique of the Irish poet, George Russell, better known as A.E. (not Alcoholics Enonymous!) When declining a proffered glass, he would murmur, "No thank you. You see, I was... May 1950
Never the First Drink The City Prosecutor was questioning a man in police court charged with reckless driving. "As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, you are not supposed to take that first drink," the prosecutor said. "That's right and I don't take, it," the defendant... The State Journal May 1950
Who Wouldn't? Roanoke, Va.--A man told the police court justice yesterday why he got drunk on a mixture of shellac reducer and water. "A woman told me to build her a new henhouse out of an old henhouse, and not to tear down the old house until the new one was... the Associated Press May 1950
Kandid Kansas BEFORE Kansas went wet this last election, a couple of strangers in town asked a native where they could get a drink. The man looked 'em over and said, "Liquor's illegal in this state. You can git it only as medicine--for snake bite! And there's... May 1950
Phonies THEN there's the one about the two gentlemen drinking in the cocktail lounge. Asked the first gentleman, "What do you think of the AA outfit?" The second one replied: "Oh, I don't know--seem like a bunch of phonies. As a matter of fact, I don't... May 1950
Loud Fission WC. Fields would have pooh-poohed the Bikini blast of the A bomb. But one morning Fields wandered into his favorite Hollywood haunt nursing a man-sized hangover. The waiter, seeing his agony, asked, "May I fix you a Bromo Seltzer, Mr. Fields?" "Ye... June 1950
Alibi Album NO. 6 "I never needed a drink until after I got married." June 1950
Humor A drunk weaving along a street encountered a passerby to whom he said, "Shay, can you direct me to Alcoholics Shinonymous?" "What's the matter?" asked the passerby. "Do you want to join?" "No," said the fellow, "I want to resign." Arthur Godfrey June 1950