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. . . As Others See Us These are but two of the high-note headlines in San Diego's Union Tribune, from a series of articles about Alcoholics Anonymous and the Convention that ran for four days starting June 19, 1995. They sparked my interest in how the media were... Anonymous October 1995
. . .and Learn I am always quick to acknowledge the contributions my sponsors have made to my sobriety, but I often forget the growth I've attained from the ladies I sponsor. I became a sponsor for the first time when I was eleven months sober. I'd never read the... Eileen K. November 1996
. . .And the Wisdom to Know the Difference Many AA meetings today end with the Serenity Prayer, considered by some members a more inclusive choice than the traditionally Christian Lord's Prayer. Of late my mind has been particularly preoccupied with the last line of the prayer and what it... Isabelle H. June 1994
. . .And Words Will Never Hurts Us? Sometimes it's hard for me to believe what gets discussed at AA meetings. Recently at a beginners' meeting the talk focused on detox, Antabuse, and where to go to get therapy. After some lengthy discussion of where to go to get a good counselor,... Jim N. July 1993
. . .Shares With Another I sit at a window that overlooks a quiet lake surrounded by evergreens; a blanket of snow sparkles in the moon's full light. I am at a small retreat house in the midwest, a favorite place to reflect and re-find the pieces of my soul that get lost in... A.S. September 1997
. . .WHO Has Thoroughly Followed Our Path I never shed many tears in my life, until I first stumbled into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous more than six years ago. Then the tears poured out. Sadness opened the floodgates in those early days. I cried out, because my disease had hurt so... William M. January 1996
20 Questions Do you occasionally feel grateful that you are alive and not drinking? Have you awakened in the morning recently and looked forward to getting up and going to work? Have you gone a complete day without drinking or thinking about it? Have you paused... W. J. May 1997
2035: An AA Odyssey July 2035: I've just returned from the grand opening of Wilsonland, AA's first official theme park. AA has come a long way since its founding 100 years ago! Akron, site of Wilsonland, was swarming with AAs and most of the hotels in town were booked... Kreg K. May 1991
6 Ways AA Members Support Their Local Intergroup They answer telephones. They place their name on a Twelfth Step call list. They volunteer to help out in other ways, such as doing mass mailings or producing a newsletter. They encourage their home groups to make donations. They set up a program in... December 1994
60,000 Hugs I once heard a speaker describe what a drink felt like to him. He said the warmth started in his mouth, traveled down his chest, and soon his entire body felt wrapped in a big warm hug. I knew exactly what he meant. My problem was that after twenty-... Daniel R. February 1998